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Bookstagram: What Is This Rising Trend

Bookstagram: What Is This Rising Trend?

As you can imagine every hobby that is practiced by younger generations ends up having an online counterpart or at the very least an online community. The community of bookworms and those who love to read is no different. This is why more and more we’re seeing a lot of online communities centred around these interests crop up on different platforms. One such platform is Instagram. But what is exactly the rising trend that accompanies this interest in what many participants have started to call Bookstagram? Let’s dive into it and figure out where it comes from and what exactly it means for both the platform and the hobby of reading.

To many people, Instagram is a platform that is used primarily as a tool to follow your favorite celebrities or just the general marketplace where you can buy fantasy candles and healing crystals. The reality though is that it is much more than that. When you think of Instagram as a social media platform it’s important to understand that it does not exist isolated from other platforms. Many people use Instagram to link their accounts back to their Twitter as well as their TikTok accounts. While to many people this might seem insignificant the reality is that the connection between TikTok as well as Instagram is essential to understand the phenomenon behind bookstagram.

In fact, before Bookstagram, there was a community online that was called Booktok. How the community’s name implies this was of course a community of bookworms on TikTok. Concretely we were seeing a lot of content creators make tick talks about upcoming books or writers that they like which means that often you could see content about both new and older titles that might have missed enticing the younger generations into reading them. While many people consider these younger generations making this type of content somewhat silly the reality is that this serves as an incredibly powerful vector for young readers to discover writers that might have been too old for their generation to notice. Well-established things that we take for granted like Stephen King for example might have not been able to reach much younger readers if it wasn’t for these types of promotional endeavors on these platforms.

Many of those booktokers of course have Instagram accounts which means that they are crossposting between both platforms. The effect that this had though is that while many TikTok followers would go to their Instagram to get their fix of their favorite content creators many people who only browse Instagram then discovered these creators and this type of content on Instagram. This means that now you have Instagram-exclusive content creators who make book-related content while often being inspired by TikTok creators themselves. The reason why this is so amazing for the book industry is that it creates a whole new platform for new authors and book distributors to be able to market up-and-coming writers. This is why many booktokers have been able to secure sponsorships where they can promote books directly and provide their viewers with the link driving traffic to those books and increasing sales. This is a dream come true for many authors.

This has a very positive impact on the platforms as well since one of the most crucial aspects of content creation and content consumption as a viewer is that if you like something you want more of it. This means that if you are somebody who entered this community through Instagram you will be pushed to look to Tiktok to find other content creators that appeal to your interest. If on the contrary, you are somebody who only uses TikTok knowing that your favorite creators are present on Instagram and that there are other content creators also making content for your hobby on this platform will drive you to create an account and check out Instagram more often. This cross-pollination between platforms allows for a more diverse and sizable community that can share different experiences and different types of media to fuel the cultural impact of this community and this hobby. So, whether it is funny memes, clever sketches, or even great book recommendations the online presence of this community has profoundly changed the face of the reading hobby online.

Sustainable Fashion: How To Upcycle Your Wardrobe

Sustainable Fashion: How To Upcycle Your Wardrobe

In these times of economic crisis, it’s no surprise that people are trying to be as creative as possible when it comes to finding new ways to save money while fulfilling their needs and wants. Whether we are talking about things like Food – Perishable & Non-Perishable or Clothing – Thrifted & Store Bought, the truth is there are plenty of ways to make sure nothing goes to waste when you are done using them. So, let’s take a look at some of the many ways that you can turn your wardrobe into the perfect example of sustainability when it comes to updating your fashion and upcycling your old looks.

Not so long ago many people used to be able to purchase out-of-style looks to create new styles thanks to reselling platforms like Vinted and Etsy, but the reality is that now that vintage clothing has become part of the current fashion the prices have become quite unmanageable. This is why before even thinking of modifying pieces you might be able to look at the old clothes you have in any wardrobe and simply understand better what you have. I think I understand part of what makes an outfit a great outfit is not so much the parts as it is the sum of all the parts you are using to create the outfit as a whole. This is why for example an outfit that might be outdated might have pieces like a t-shirt or a pair of pants that might be able to create something new yet trendy with newer clothes.

There is of course also the other case where some pieces are simply unredeemable as some fashions have gone out of style for a good reason. So, what do you do with a T-shirt or a skirt that is simply hideous and out of style? If you’ve asked your grandmother or your mother, you might get the answer that you should simply make dishrags with them but the reality is that if you have a little bit of talent when it comes to suing you might be able to look at patterns online that will allow you to re-utilize the material to create something new. There is something very cottage core to making your clothes with older clothes that you could have simply thrown away. There is a whole aesthetic around re-utilizing older clothes to create new outfits like that so you can find good patterns in good ideas online for example on Pinterest or Reddit to create stylish looks.

One of the great ways to upcycle that is not often discussed is trading. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and the same goes for clothing. There are many fashion forums online that will allow you to talk with other fashion heads who might have ideas for pieces that you’ve grown tired of, and they might also have something that you could use or at the very least try to create something with. Allowing your clothing to get a second life while also allowing you to get something new in your wardrobe is a win-win situation. Not only is it environmentally friendly but it might allow you to make friends with similar predicaments and interests when it comes to fashion.

When we talk about upcycling clothes there is one solution that is a given and that is to bring your clothes to operations like the Salvation Army or local thrift shops that will allow people with less means to be able to purchase clothes. It’s important to understand that no other real bad things happen there is always someone out there who was it worse and could cherish clothes that you’re not using anymore. If you spend any time around trip stores you might notice that there are clothing pieces that you might like and adding things from your wardrobe that you don’t want anymore can be beneficial to somebody else in the long run. When it comes to upcycling you will notice that there is a lot that comes down to working within a community whether it is a fashion forum or simply your local community. After all, fashion is an art, and sharing it with others might be a great way to bring some joy as well as great styles in your life.

How to Use The Internet to Your Advantage as a Gamer

How to Use The Internet to Your Advantage as a Gamer

If you are someone that spends a lot of time gaming, then it is also likely that you spend a lot of time online in general. The internet is a fantastic tool for those of you that like to game and there are many aspects of the internet that may enhance your gaming experience. Here is how you can use the internet to your advantage as a gamer.


Using the internet to your advantage as a gamer is easy. There are many websites that offer free online games for you to play. These websites usually offer a variety of games from different genres, such as racing, puzzle, RPG, and action games. By taking advantage of these free online games, you can play a variety of games without spending a dime. As well as being able to play smaller titles for free, you can also play some pretty big names for free too. For example, this site lets you play Minecraft free when it usually costs 20 dollars, so you are making some big savings.


Using the internet as a gamer can be a great way to meet new and interesting people who share your enthusiasm for games. By searching for gaming forums or groups that align with your interests, you can find like-minded gamers who you can connect with and learn from. You can also join dedicated gaming servers that allow you to play with others in real time, allowing you to form strong relationships with fellow players. A lot of people tend to use discord when gaming these days, so you may even be able to find a discord server full of people playing whichever game you have been playing lately.


One of the most useful ways to use the internet to your advantage as a gamer is to search for cheats and hacks for your favorite games. Websites like Gamesradar and Cheat Code Central offer a wide array of cheat codes, unlockables, and other helpful hints to help you get ahead in your game. Additionally, some online gaming communities, such as Reddit, have entire subreddits dedicated to game cheats and hacks. These can be invaluable resources to help you unlock new content and gain an edge in the game.


Joining online tournaments is a great way to use the internet to your advantage as a gamer. Online tournaments are a great way to challenge yourself and compete against other gamers. You can find tournaments to join on gaming forums, social networks, and gaming websites. You can also join tournaments held by professional gaming organizations that offer cash prizes and other rewards. Joining an online tournament is a great way to show off your gaming skills and potentially win some money.


Using the internet to your advantage as a gamer can be as simple as following gaming-related websites, forums, and social media accounts. By keeping up with the latest news and updates online, you can stay ahead of the game and be the first to know about upcoming releases, special offers, and other gaming-related news. Additionally, these websites, forums, and social media accounts often host exclusive giveaways, competitions, and other rewards that can give you an edge in your gaming pursuits. You can also use social media to get exclusive updates from game developers, which will give you a huge insight into any game you have been anticipating.


Using the internet to sell your old games can be a great way to make some extra money as a gamer. There are many online marketplaces dedicated to buying and selling video games, and a quick search will yield lots of results. You can also take advantage of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to advertise your games and reach a wider audience. Once you’ve found a buyer, use a secure payment method to ensure a safe transaction. By taking the time to research the market, you can make sure you get a good deal for your games.


Using the internet to pre-order upcoming games can be a great advantage to gamers who want to be among the first to play them. Many online retailers, such as Amazon, offer pre-order options for new games, allowing gamers to secure their copy ahead of the release date. Additionally, gamers can take advantage of pre-order bonuses, such as exclusive content or physical items, that are often included when pre-ordering games. By pre-ordering, gamers can be sure they will have the game on release day, as well as any bonuses that may be available. You will also be supporting the development of the game, which can improve its overall look.

How Does VR Gaming Work and Why is it so Expensive

How Does VR Gaming Work and Why is it so Expensive

VR gaming dates back much further than most people would think, the first-ever VR headset was created back in 1968 by a computer science teacher, Ivan Sutherland, and one of his students, Bob Sproull. The first virtual reality headsets for consumers were released in the 1990s but really VR became available to the average individual in the 2010’s thanks to a field-wide effort to develop more advanced applications for VR.

The first prototype in the 2010s was called the Oculus rift headset, this is what boosted the interest in VR development, in 2014 Facebook bought Oculus for $2billion and took over the development of the headset, it was following this purchase that Sony, Google, and Samsung all started developing VR technology too. VR became available for the general public to try in 2015, a VR roller coaster was launched, you could watch a VR experience of what it looks like inside the oval office and a VR experience showing what life is like in a Syrian refugee camp. These were breakthroughs in VR technology and in the years following this hundreds of companies started developing VR and the technology advanced rapidly bringing us to all the VR gaming we have today.

VR gaming is extremely popular in 2021, but it’s not yet as popular as normal games such as the first-person shooter game Valorant, this is a popular first-person shooter game known for how difficult it is so you might have to use these cheats to win easily at valorant. Keep reading to find out how VR gaming actually works and why VR gaming is so expensive.

The basics behind VR gaming technology.

How VR works is all dependent on a headset that creates an immersive 3D environment that simulates your vision. The screen on the headset prevents you from seeing anything that is happening in the real world so you’re fully involved with what is on the screen, the screen is usually a mobile phone or connected to a device with an HDMI cable to create the environment. Most VR headsets require a minimum frame rate of 60 frames per second to make it seem realistic and there must also be a high refresh rate to keep up with people’s movements. If these two things aren’t high enough it will damage the user experience as there will be a lag between their movements and the actions on the screen. These two things also have to work in sync as if the frames per second are higher than the refresh rate it causes a distorted image which ruins the image for the user.

Other elements of VR technology.

Whilst image is the most important there are many other elements that have to be considered. The sound effects must be in complete sync with the image the users sees for VR gaming to be good; it’s also vital to have the right sounds to accompany the image the user is seeing as if happy music is playing during a horror game it will ruin the whole user experience. On top of sound, many advanced headsets also track any head and eye movements of the user to improve their experience further. This is done with laser pointers, mobile sensors, and led lights to detect movement. These are used as they have a very high accuracy which all adds to the consumer’s experience.

Why VR gaming is so expensive.

Any gamers will know that VR gaming is considerably more expensive than any gaming that has come before it, whether that’s PC, Xbox or Playstation, etc. VR gaming has always been expensive, before Facebook bought Oculus not many companies were interested in developing VR which meant there wasn’t much spending going into development initiatives. As the article previously explains, as the image is so important the headset needs high definition display and motion sensors, all of which are still expensive now and we’re even more expensive when the first headset was developed.

Prices are starting to fall as more and more companies are developing VR which means the hardware is more frequently used causing a slight reduction in price. Creating the 3D environment is extremely costly, as well as creating tricks to guide the user through the game. On top of this, VR audio is developed in a different way to usually game audios which again is much more expensive. The reason that VR gaming is so expensive is that it is much newer than normal gaming, the more that it is developed and used the cheaper it will become. If you’re hoping to get on the VR gaming trend but can’t afford it just yet then you’ll be glad to know there is expected to be a $9billion expansion in the VR market, this should help to decrease the costs so you can finally get your perfect VR headset.

Fashionable Garden Design Ideas for 2024

Fashionable Garden Design Ideas for 2024

The outdoors of your home deserve as much love and care as the interior of your home. So, how about creating and designing a lovely garden in your yard and giving your home a better look? If you already have a garden, you can spice things up a bit at the garden by designing it fashionably.

One of the good things about fashionable garden designs is that there is always a design for any garden size. If the size of your garden is not a problem, what’s your excuse for not trying out one of the trending garden designs of 2024? In this article, we will share with you a few of the best garden designs for 2024.

6 Fashionable Garden Design Ideas for 2024

You can design your garden to reflect your taste and level of creativity. Here are some amazing garden designs to pick from:

1- Gravel Garden

A gravel garden is one of the most underrated garden designs that is finally being recognized in 2024. Gravel gardens are easy to design, plus they come with other unique advantages like being cost efficient and allowing easy maintenance. Unlike the regular gardens, you do not get to spend so much time clearing unwanted weeds from your garden as the gravel gives little or no room for weeds. You can take gravel garden design up a notch by adding beautiful pebbles of different colours and planting colourful flowers and plants.

2- Install Decking

If you have a big yard space, this design will be amazing for your home. Decking is a multipurpose garden design suitable for any home. It can serve as a sitting area in your garden, a cool space for small get togethers, and many other purposes. Of course, you need a professional to help you install the decking, but that is a little price to pay, compared with the after result. If you are looking to make your home look classic, then this is the design for you.

3- Install Decorative Screens

There is no better way to enhance your outdoor space than to add decorative screens for your garden. Garden screens offer privacy while adding beauty to your garden. There are different screen designs, colours, and patterns that will look amazing in your garden. All you have to do is to select the one that suits your home and outdoor space the most. You do not need to break the bank to get the best garden screens for your home. They are affordable and worth the investment.

4- Stumpery Garden

This is one of the oldest garden designs, but it is still popular in 2024. Stumpery garden design gives a home a magically and Victorian sort of look. Some good features about this garden design are that it is sustainable, very affordable, and unique. All this garden design requires is getting already felled tree stumps and logs and placing them in strategic areas in your garden.

5- Hedges

This design is suitable for those with a large garden space. Adding hedges to your garden will help design your garden into different compartments. Garden hedges never get old, especially if you add some innovations to yours like creating a compartment with a hedge and adding a sit out feature to it where you can just relax with your family or host get togethers.

6- Install a Garden Room

A garden room is another multipurpose garden design that can help enhance your outdoor space while maximizing it, especially if you have so much space in your garden. You can use a garden room as a small home office, a relaxation spot for you and your guests, a yoga studio, and many other uses. Aside from its many uses, it also adds a touch of class and beauty to your outdoor space.


Some of the garden designs on our list require the assistance of professionals while some you can handle yourself. The goal at the end is to make your outdoor space look beautiful and outstanding.

It is important to ensure that you go for designs that do not require budgets higher than what you can afford. Secondly, go for designs that suit your outdoor space. If you have a small space, pick designs that can work with the space.

A Look At The Best Social Media Apps For Promoting Your Business

A Look At The Best Social Media Apps For Promoting Your Business

As a business owner, you know that promoting your business is essential to its success. You also know that social media is a powerful tool that can help you reach new customers and grow your business. But with so many social media apps out there, which ones are the best for promoting your business? In this blog post, we will take a look at the best social media apps for promoting your business.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps and it is perfect for promoting your business. With over 1 billion active users, it is a great platform to reach out to potential customers. You can share photos and videos of your products or services, and use hashtags to reach a wider audience. You can also run ads on Instagram to promote your business. Most businesses have an active Instagram account, as it is one of the most frequently used social media platforms out there.

However, because there are so many accounts on the platform, it can be easy for your account to fade into the background. Luckily, it is possible for you to buy Instagram followers and this will help to boost your social media account.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 2 billion monthly active users. It is a great platform for promoting your business as you can reach a large audience with your posts and ads. You can also target your ads to specific groups of people based on their interests and demographics. There are a number of different ways to promote your business on Facebook, and you can use the platform to reach your marketing goals. Facebook also has a number of brilliant features that allow you to track the success of any marketing you are doing.


TikTok is a social media app that allows you to create and share short videos with others. You can use TikTok to promote your business by creating videos that showcase your products or services, or by sharing behind-the-scenes footage of your business. TikTok also offers a variety of marketing tools, such as the ability to create branded hashtags, run ads, and collaborate with influencers. Something that you do have to keep in mind is that Tiktok has a much younger audience, so if your business is aimed at the older generation, you may not get as much interest in your business through TikTok.


The best social media apps for promoting your business have become essential tools for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. From Instagram and Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn, the possibilities for marketing your business are endless. However, one of the most effective tools for promoting your business is YouTube. Video marketing is an incredibly powerful way to reach your target audience and build relationships.

With YouTube,you can buy YouTube subscribers to increase your video views, as well as create targeted ads to drive more customers to your business. Additionally, you can also use YouTube to create tutorials, vlogs, and other content to help educate potential customers and build your brand. Ultimately, using YouTube and other social media platforms to promote your business is a great way to reach potential customers, increase brand awareness, and convert leads into sales.


In recent years, Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps, especially among younger users. It’s a great platform for businesses to connect with potential customers and promote their products or services. Here are some of the benefits of using Snapchat to market your business. The first positive of using Snapchat is that you can reach a wide range of people with Snapchat. The app has over 100 million daily active users, so it’s a great way to reach a large audience. Snapchat is a very visual platform, which is perfect for businesses that want to showcase their products or services.The app is constantly evolving, which means there are always new features and opportunities for businesses to take advantage of. Snapchat is a great way to connect with potential customers on a personal level. The app’s messaging feature allows you to have one-on-one conversations with people, which can help build relationships with potential customers.


Twitter is a great way to promote your business. With its large user base and easy-to-use interface, Twitter is perfect for small businesses looking to reach out to new and existing customers. Twitter also allows you to target specific users and groups, making it an ideal platform for targeted marketing campaigns. Additionally, Twitter’s real-time nature means that you can quickly respond to customer queries and concerns, building a rapport and increasing customer satisfaction.

Something that you do have to keep in mind is that when you publish a post on twitter, you have to deal with character limitations and so you may not get all of the information that you would like to in the post.


Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 330 million monthly active users. It is a great platform for promoting your business as it allows you to reach a large audience and engage with potential customers. To promote your business on Reddit, you will need to create a subreddit for your business and post relevant content. You can also participate in existing subreddits related to your industry and engage with other users. Make sure to follow the Reddiquette guidelines to avoid getting banned from the platform. Overall, Reddit is a great way to promote your business and reach a large audience


Gaming And Mental Health: How Games Save Lives

Gaming And Mental Health: How Games Save Lives

Mental health is a fickle thing and that much has become extremely apparent over the past few years. We’ve seen the literal epidemic of depression and burnout especially amongst younger people of university age. While a lot of things exist to help them out there are a few things that we might not expect that can help people prevent their downfall into mental illness but also help those who have already found prey to this invisible threat. One such thing is video games believe it or not. But video games and mental health how do they correlate and how can gaming make things better for people? Dive into it and take a look at the effects it has on people’s lives and how we can have a positive impact on many gamers.
One of the first things that’s important to realize is that video games like any other hobby help many people get away from difficult situations and transports their thought to something more constructive or at least more positive. This is better known as escapism. While for a long time escapism was considered a bad thing the reality is that sometimes the best way to confront bad situations is to take yourself out of them and give yourself time to breathe and analyze these things would have a cooler head. Whether you are dealing with a sad thing or a difficult situation that puts a lot of stress on you being able to exterior eyes those feelings to gaming is a healthy way to navigate those things. But concretely how do you even do that? Let’s take a deeper look at video games themselves.
Many people use video games such as Call of Duty or Halo as their go-to video games the idea is mostly to have fun, yes, but also simply be able to shoot at something without having to worry too much. We can see that competitive video games are a great wait for people to get out frustration that they gathered throughout the day and that much is true even for children as you can see from the popularity of Fortnite and similar games. Being able to compete with others and make a place for yourself amongst the winners is a great way for gamers to not only feel like they’re achieving something but also feel some pride in their achievements. But you might have noticed that one of the key things when it comes to video games is the competitive aspect of him. And no one says competitive video games without other players.
The social aspect of video games is one of the most important when it comes to the link between gaming and mental health. Whether you found your friends by perusing a list of Minecraft SMP servers or simply by joining a random Call of Duty lobby the reality is that you are in contact with people. If you are feeling depressed feelings being able to talk with other people and connect with people with similar interests is a big bonus if you are looking to cheer yourself up even if you don’t know about it. The great thing about being able to meet players on video games is that not only do you find like-minded people but you can share time on something that you both enjoy. This not only helps gamers feel less alone but also allows them to build communities which can in turn become good support circles. So let’s talk a little bit more about gaming communities.
Nowadays gaming communities are more than simply a group of people who like to play video games. While discord servers have replaced the forums of yesterday they serve a similar purpose. They become nerve centers for gaming communities to not only talk about video games but also to share about their lives or talk about anything they want with people whom they have become friendly with. Having a vast and diverse circle of people you know is a great tool when it comes to dealing with mental health. The concept of support circles is of course the idea of having many people you can discuss with no matter what subject it is. Being able to voice your concern and be heard by somebody who cares for you is very important and this is a way for gamers to get that if they’re not able to get it in their own lives.
When it comes to the prevention of suicide, support circles are extremely important. The feeling that you matter to no one and that nobody hears you is a big part of why many people commit suicide. If you are somebody who’s isolated in real life being isolated online is making things worse for you. So what’s essential in this situation is to be able to connect with others or if you find yourself on the other side it would mean reaching out to people who you might worry about. You can never go wrong about checking in on a friend and making sure that they’re doing OK or that they feel heard. Sometimes all it takes is a little message to make the difference in somebody’s day if they’re doing poorly.
As you can see gaming is not only a hobby but it is also a massive tool to allow people to connect with others all around the world and create massive communities that can give them a sense of purpose and belonging. These gaming circles might seem trivial to many but they are essential to many people who thrive in them. It doesn’t matter how or where you meet friends the most important thing is to be able to connect with people and make those human connections that are so important to the human experience. Whether you are a gamer or not you can see that gaming is a positive for many people and giving the gaming sphere resources to help those in need of mental health help is essential.

Why Do People Trust Reddit More Than Any Other Online Platform?

Why Do People Trust Reddit More Than Any Other Online Platform?

It can be difficult to know where and how to get your information online. The internet is a constant barrage of information and not all of it seems true, even worse, not all of it is true. In the era of fake news and conspiracy theories, Facebook and Twitter posts have become less and less believable and sometimes you need to find a proper source or at least a proper forum of discussion to figure out what’s what.

This is where Reddit comes in, nowadays a lot of people turn to Reddit for their news and information, but why? Let’s dig a little and figure out what in Reddit’s format makes it people’s new form of trusted information.

When it comes to news, the Reddit front page is filled with it! Articles, op-eds, and breaking news always make their way to the top, whether through engagement or being pinned. Often these posts highly upvoted posts will offer links to the original article or the current live coverage of what’s happening. The Associated Press for example is very often linked as the best source to verify the news.

With millions of users perusing the website at every moment, fake news gets verified rather rapidly and sources are often dug up in a matter of minutes, so the truth is never far behind if lies start trending on the platform. Reddit is also dedicated to protecting the truth.

As such you might well know that Reddit has a great many subcategories on its website, well many of those are dedicated to fact-checking. Some of those subcategories are dedicated to niche fact-checking such as social media news, medical news, or political news. Users on this subreddit will basically do a job similar to Snopes fact-checkers by cross-referencing articles and news to find the real truth at the bottom of potentially fake news.

Some of these users will often also make sure to crossover with other subreddits that might be posting this fake news and spreading false information to make sure that the correct news and information makes its way to users who read it.

Following the massive coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, Reddit had to crack down on misinformation-spreading subreddits. While the CEO initially stated he had no intention to, the company backtracked that statement rapidly seeing the damage caused by COVID-19 misinformation. They then proceeded to ban many of the COVID skeptic communities for their harassment campaigns and what Reddit users call brigading.

Brigading is the action of coordinating an effort to harass and deplatform someone through bullying and fear. This also echoed the action taken against right-wing subreddits that encouraged doxing and violence against people who did not support or disparaged former president Donald Trump. Doxxing is the action of revealing someone’s personal information online to cause them harm.

People have learned to trust a lot of information on Reddit because there is dedicated volunteer moderation on a lot of subreddits that can often verify the credentials of specialists posting on the website. For example, scientists and celebrities who post on the website will get a flair to properly identify them and show everyone that they are indeed who they claim to be.

Therefore the information they share is verified in the same breath, especially if for example someone like Neil DeGrasse Tyson is posting about the Cosmos or a medical doctor is posting about covid. Obviously, you should keep an eye on if the subreddit itself is verified but if it is chances are the users with specific flairs could definitely be good sources.

Reddit has become a very mainstream internet space, which leads a lot of large news outlets and well-known figures to participate in the internet forum on whatever subreddit they judge the most fitting for their activities. Reddit being the cultural zeitgeist makes it seem much more trustworthy as it has the seal of approval of many people public figures people trust and it also has an association with many programs and companies people do trust as well.

Though the business aspect makes people wary of private interests who buy Reddit upvotes to spread their message, people know to fact-check and verify their information even if they trust the platform.

As you can see through the many years especially since 2016 and the large phenomenon of fake news, Reddit has learned to earn people’s trust. It has built a solid platform and a solid public image that people are ready to put their trust in for news and information regarding any subject of their interest.

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