Will your website be ready for Google's Update?


Have you tried the Google mobile-friendly test to see if your site is up to date?

After many attempts to build our SEO and other related content using plug-ins, meta tags, meta descriptions, and SEO titles, the functionality of our website ended up on the back burner. I stumbled across an article awhile back that said we needed to address the issue of making our site mobile-friendly, although we weren't exactly sure what that entailed. It just-so-happened that our entire site crashed around this same time, forcing us to start from scratch to get it back up and running. It was time to make this thing mobile-friendly.

We focus a lot on branding and marketing for your business, and we want to provide value to your business that extends far beyond your design needs. This was a goal I set when I quit my corporate job to join Bittersweet Design Boutique.

Luckily, our main source of revenue comes from third-party websites, so our main site can handle a week or two of vacation time. We know the upcoming changes to Google's search engine will have a huge impact on many of the photographers that support us and want to share this information with you to ensure your site's usability. I randomly looked at 20 of the most recent photographers that have purchased something over the last week and saw that over 50% of them did not have a mobile-friendly site. Check your website here with the Google mobile friendly test. Starting Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, Google will start to favor sites that have mobile-friendly websites and place them higher in search rankings. Check out the Business Insider article for more details.

Does your site have large text, easy-to-click links and resize to fit whatever screen it is viewed on? Due to the 60% traffic that comes from mobile, Google wants users to have a great experience whenever they click a mobile link. These are just a few of the criteria that will make up the new update.

Make sure you check more than just your home page.

The small businesses that will be affected by this update the most are the ones that don't know about it yet. The Webmaster Mobile Guide will be a good starting point to get you on the right track.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Also, let us know what types of articles you would like to see more of to give you more tools to build your business! We appreciate your support as we continue to make updates to our own website!