West Elm Art Prints: Sneak Peek


West Elm Art Prints

While surfing the net for the perfect couch, a link popped up in my Newsfeed that directed me to this beauty. It's no secret that I stalk West Elm's site regularly. Their aesthetic marries minimal design with + good craftsmanship, which is hard to find at an affordable price.

This piece is exactly what my husband and I have been looking for. While it was the beautiful couch that initially caught my eye, something in the background made me do a double-take. To be sure that my eyes weren't fooling me, I zoomed in a little to get a better look. My excitement was confirmed! The print on the lower right shows a little preview of my first art print, which will be sold through Minted and West Elm in the near future!!

'The Rapids' art print is an abstract design that I created with the use of a handy Sharpie that lives on my desk. I have followed West Elm for so long that their style is something that has always been a source of inspiration when decorating our space. Not only that, but I also try to bring this same aesthetic into my work, which is one of the reasons why I thought this collaboration would be a perfect fit. I have always believed that less is more when it comes to design and try to apply this motto to just about every part of my life.

Can't wait to see this piece displayed in a retail store soon! It's truly a dream come true!!!!!! Who knew I would ever have the opportunity to have not one, but two West Elm art prints?!? What a wonderful year this has been so far!

*photo courtesy of West Elm

west elm art prints from minted artist rose lindo