Minted + West Elm Art Print Designs


Minted + West Elm Art Print Designs

As someone who is pretty minimal, I rarely walk into a store and pick out more than one or two things to purchase. If I actually make it to the counter with more than a single item, it's because either A. I am shopping for someone's birthday or B. I've had a glass of wine or two beforehand.

West Elm changed all of this.

Several years ago, when I stepped into this gem of a store for the first time, I felt like such a lush! I wanted every single thing in that place. That never happens. It was a combination of amazement that someone could bring so many carefully curated items together in one space and wonder as to how someone visited the insides of my brain without telling me. It was my dream space. My soul mate of a store. The mecca of all things beautiful. I could walk into that place and never leave. Everything about it feels like home.

I remember telling myself that one day, I'd have a piece of artwork in West Elm.

Fast forward a few years, and now, the opportunity is within (a really long) arm's reach. The reality of making a long-term dream come true is so close, yet SO FAR away.

Here's the breakdown:

Minted, a site that showcases a collection of great designs from around the world, has teamed up with West Elm for a design challenge. Thousands of different designers also submit their work to each contest, and in this case, less than 1% of the designs will be chosen and sold at West Elm stores around the globe. I'm no statistician, but the odds are not in my favor. Knowing this, I'm still hopeful that somehow, in some way, one of my pieces will catch the attention of the right person.

If you believe that you can make things happen by 'willing' things into the world, then this is my will. WILL WILL WILL!!

Please, please, PLEASE take a second to sign up through Minted's site & vote for the artwork displayed below. A few minutes of your time could contribute to a dream that I've had for....well, forever. Opportunity is knocking (ever so softly), and I'm ready to show the world my work.

Even if it takes another 10 years to get these West Elm art print designs published somewhere, I'm going to keep working at it every day!

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