Wedding Welcome Packet for Photographers

Make your work stand out with a WEDDING welcome packet!

With increasing competition, it takes more than your work alone to stand out in a crowded market. Gone are the days of old Word Docs and copy/pasted emails sent to clients with your pricing information. Creating a unique client experience isn't a new concept, and our wedding welcome packets help you to wow your clients and encourage them to book you for their wedding! When it comes to hiring a photographer, we all want to feel special & like we're in good hands. We want to know we've made the right decision in selecting someone to deliver a unique service that will stick around for years to come. If you're looking to step up your client experience, take a look at how our studio welcome guides help you deliver a beautifully-branded magazine for your photography business.

We created our first welcome magazine about five years ago after being contacted by a wedding photographer, Sean Hsueh from Day 7 Photography. He was looking for a design that could showcase his images while staying true to his brand. He needed more than a single-page price list, as he wanted to include helpful tips and session information for prospective & existing clients. We wound up creating a 32-page magazine template full of info about the photographer, what to expect on a wedding day, and tips on how couples can prepare for their sessions.

Since then, the idea that delivering an all-in-one welcome magazine would become a new standard for the client experience. We've seen our magazines help hundreds of photographers save time while delivering a beautiful magazine to their dream clients. 

The entire magazine template is customizable, giving you total freedom over the length of your publication, colors, & fonts. The pre-written text sections save you hours and hours of time having to answer the same questions over and over again. 


SEE Some of our favorite wedding welcome packets from real clients who have purchased our magazine templates!