Wedding Photographer Magazine Template Examples

How to create your own welcome magazine for your photography studio.

Design a Life you Love

A few years ago, I dreamt about starting my own online magazine, which lead me to designing beautiful spreads + getting quotes from various printers to see if it would be possible to offer a printed publication as well.

After doing more research, we realized that creating & running a successful magazine company would require MUCH more than a pretty design. There were dozens and dozens of vendors who’d need to be involved, not the mention the fact that we’d need to find sponsors, sell ad space, & be able to hire a full-time staff to keep up with all the content creation. The more I looked into it, the less dreamy it all sounded. Sigh…

The good news is that we still wound up designing customizable magazines for fellow creatives whose dreams change on the daily, & you don't have to start your own magazine biz in order to create a beautiful publication showcasing your best work!

 In a sea of talented creatives, give brides + grooms a little something extra to remember you by.

You don’t have to do ALL THE THINGS. Do the things you LOVE, & hire other creatives to do the things THEY love. WIN/WIN.

I LOVE designing and can’t imagine doing anything else for a living. Letting go of certain aspects of this business is definitely a work-in-progress, but as our business has grown, I have realized that delegation is essential for growth - both personally + professionally.

create a welcome packet for your photography studio

We’re a little obsessed with Victoria Danielle’s new client magazine, as shown above. She’s undoubtedly a talented photographer, but she’s also been able to create a brand that’s completely seamless from her website to her social media + branding materials.

With professionally-written text along with customizable fonts & colors, you'll have a versatile package to deliver to your clients. Use one of our magazines as a digital guide, or print it out in the form of a 8.5"x11" welcome packet. 

Time is money. And when you are short on time OR on money, you feel stressed. When you’re stressed, you don’t accomplish nearly as much as you could, which leaves you needing more money and more time. It’s a vicious cycle.

We’ve poured months into these designs so you can simply plug in your photos & text in order to create a new client packet that’s beautiful and memorable.


  • professionally written text included

  • session pricing, product pricing, a la carte items

  • albums & ordering

  • welcome page & ‘about us’ section

  • ‘faq’ & testimonials section

  • ‘what to expect’ and ‘wedding day tips’

  • preferred vendor list

When we launched our first welcome packet template, we never realized the impact our wedding photographer magazines would make on the industry. With thousands of photographers who use & love these designs, we are so grateful for all the support this community has shown to us.

Wedding photography is an extremely competitive industry, so we wanted to create something that helps photographers showcase their work in a way that’s unique to anything else we had seen. Our magazines are great for sending over pricing info, a bio about the artist (clients love to get to know you before booking), testimonials, wedding day tips, and more.

You can embed your publication on your site or share it using a site called Issuu. For printed magazines, we use a company called MagCloud, which prints and binds the pages like an actual magazine you’d get at a book store. We’ve found this option to be an incredible way to save photographers from having to answer the same questions over and over again. Simply make a couple of updates to the FAQ page included with your design, and send over a link to your PDF whenever a new inquiry lands in your inbox.


  • 26–page wedding magazine template

  • designed as an 8.5" x 11" publication

  • PSD design (digital files only)

  • fully customizable

  • instructions included

  • compatible with Photoshop CS or later & Photoshop Elements

  • link to free fonts

  • designed for use with & HP Mag Cloud

  • can also be used digitally with Adobe Acrobat or Preview