New: Vintage Facebook Timeline Templates


Vintage Facebook Timeline Templates

Have you seen our new Facebook Timeline templates yet? There are a lot of beautiful designs that have just been added to our Etsy shop!

Spring is here, and the beautiful weather has inspired a fresh set of bright & airy photography templates. If your blog or social media page needs a quick update, now is a great time to get rid of the dust and show off your best work within one of our vintage Facebook timeline templates.

Here are a few of the latest photography templates we've added:

Vintage Facebook Timeline Templates

The nice thing about these designs is that they can be used as Facebook timelines as well as blog headers. It just takes a couple of seconds to scale the templates down for social media purposes, as each PSD file is sent over as a high-resolution design. As with all of our photography templates, the colors, text, and images can easily be updated in Photoshop.Vintage Facebook Timeline Templates for professional photographers

Tips for creating a strong social media header:

 1. Keep it simple!

This sounds easy to do, but this is one of the most difficult things to achieve when it comes to a good design. It might seem intuitive to cram as much as you can into a small space in order to get the most out of your profile picture, but this quickly causes confusion among viewers. If there's a lot of text, graphics, and images, they will not know what to look at first. The hierarchy gets muddled, and your followers will be more likely to navigate elsewhere if your page looks messy or too busy. Make your objectives clear within your page so fans know immediately what product or service you are trying to highlight!

2. Include detail shots!

If your profile picture or design template allows for multiple photos, try mixing up the content. A close-up of a piece of jewelry pairs well with florals and group shots, as shown below. Pay attention to the colors and lighting within the photos to ensure a seamless transition across the design. If you are having trouble choosing a group of images that work well together, try using a few photos from the same session.

It might seem repetitive, but most major brands use one or two models throughout an entire ad campaign. The faces become familiar and create brand awareness among viewers. When using several social media platforms, keep this fluidity in mind. Your profiles do not need to be identical from one page to the next, but they should stay consistent within a single 'look.'

3. Use legible text.

There are so many typefaces available to us that it is easy to gravitate toward a beautiful script when designing something like a Facebook timeline. Just remember that social media pages are often viewed from mobile devices, so your fonts need to be simple enough to be read on both large and small screens. Take a few steps back from your computer to see if your text is legible before posting to the web. It sounds silly, but give it a shot!

Vintage Facebook Timeline Templates for wedding photographers*All images provided by Forever Photography Studio