The Rustic Chic Marketing Set: Coming Soon

Coming soon: rustic chic marketing set! In the midst of the flu season, we've been crossing our fingers and hoping that our immune systems would carry us through the 'cold' Texas months. It didn't work...

Aside from a much needed week-long trip to Mexico, we have struggled to make it off of the couch over the past few weeks. I actually can't remember another time in my life when I've felt so sick! Usually, the occasional sinus infection comes and go without a trip to the doctor's office or pharmacy. This year's bug, whatever it might be, has latched onto our insides and won't get out. Cross your fingers that this booger takes a hike soon. We have the Neti Pot and cough drops within arms-length in case of any unexpected coughing fits.

On a brighter note, new photography templates are in the works! I know it's been awhile, but we have finally made the transition from focusing on custom work to creating new photography templates. Here's a little peek at one of our business card designs that was just added to our Etsy shop.

This set is geared for professional photographers who specialize in weddings, engagements and bridals, although the design is completely customizable. All colors, fonts, and images can be updated to tie in with an existing brand (if you like the current layout, you are free to keep things just the way they are!).

Along with this business card design template, we hope to create a coordinating thank you card, Facebook timeline template, letterhead and envelope design, pricing guide, gift card, dvd design, and sticker template as well. Stay tuned for more updates!

rustic chic marketing set by bittersweet design boutique

*images by Forever Photography