The Photo Session That Almost Didn't Happen

From the outside looking in, we have it all together.

It's funny how we scroll through our feeds and make assumptions about all the people whose lives seem picture-perfect. We have a beautiful family, a beautiful home, and a thriving business that allows us to work side-by-side from the comforts of our house.

If only you could see how hectic our lives have been over the last month. From losing my voice a few days before our first big talk to getting pooped on right before heading out the door, this last month has been kind of shitty (literally).


We've been struggling.

Struggling to fight month-long colds/sinus infections that won't go away. Struggling to find time to sleep and the time to figure out the work/life balance. Our days are heavily weighted in the 'WORK' department and not-so-much in the 'LIFE' department lately. Struggling to figure out where our business is headed in the new year as template shops pop up left and right and the internet itself is surrounded by uncertainty. 


Right before these photos were taken, I was in the bathroom blowing my nose for the seventeenth time that morning and told Thomas we should cancel our photo session. I had giant bags under my eyes from all the congestion, Griffin had been up crying for what seemed like the entire night with a double ear infection, and I just wasn't feelin' it. Thomas (thankfully) disagreed. 


Sleep deprivation does strange things to the mind and body.

It makes you feel like you've been hit by a truck and tricks your brain into thinking you aren't worthy enough for something to cherish for years to come - a photo session. There were a million reasons NOT to do this session, like the fact that Thomas mentioned something about booking a photographer then didn't mention it again until the morning of...(my fault for not remembering, not his for purposely leaving out this minor detail, as he knew I'd been stressed out to the max that week).


As thrown-off as I was, if we hadn't had this in-home session that day, we probably would have kept putting it off until the end of eternity. 


These are the good pictures we have of us in our home, which we've lived in for over a year now. I love everything about this house and the sense of warmth that's shared as soon as someone walks in the door. It's everything we could have ever imagined within four walls, three bedrooms, and two rocking chairs that sit on our front porch.


As I look at the beautiful pictures taken by @michael.weidemann of Scissortail Stories, I'm so thankful Thomas didn't listen to my petty request. This is us. We're the real, raw deal. Our life isn't posed, and our story isn't a very traditional one, but we've made it this far without being handed a damn thing. I'm proud to be able to share little pieces of our imperfections with all of you.

Major props to Thomas for finding this incredible photographer and booking a family session. Get in front of the camera, even if today doesn't feel like the right day. Your future self will thank you.