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Wedding Photographer Magazine Template Examples

A few years ago, I dreamt about starting my own online magazine, which lead me to designing beautiful spreads + getting quotes from various printers to see if it would be possible to offer a printed publication as well.

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How to Protect Your Photography Business From Difficult Clients

Every business out there needs a solid game plan, and it’s impossible to do this without solid protection from nightmare clients. This contract collection has everything from a model release section to session pricing & client expectations to help you & your clients sleep better at night.

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Boudoir Photography Marketing Templates

Our first boudoir photography marketing templates just launched, and we couldn't be more excited! Several people reached out to us recently to request a design collection specific to boudoir photographers, and like they say - ask, and you shall receive! The template shop was long overdue for a new set of marketing materials, so this gave us a good excuse to create new eye candy that’s true to our minimal style.

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