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New Client Packaging Ideas for Photographers

As a self-proclaimed minimalist, there aren’t a lot of tangible goods that take up permanent residence in our home, but this custom collection is something I’d hold onto forever.

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5 Reasons to Use a Magazine Template for Your Business

Our magazine templates will save you a boatload of time - from not having to design your own pages from scratch to being able to use our pre-written wording that took hours and hours for us to come up with, all you have to do is plug in your own images and make a few updates to the text before you're all set to show off your custom magazine design.

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New Client Welcome Packet: A Bride's Eye View

If you are used to getting a lot of inquiries but aren't booking many weddings, think about how you can provide more value to prospective clients. By creating a magazine for your studio, you will leave a lasting impression on everyone that walks in the door! New client welcome packet. Photographer magazine template.

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