Squarespace Website Tips for Photographers & Creatives

Create a Squarespace site that grows with you by implementing these marketing tips for photographers & creatives.

In case you haven’t noticed, things might look a little different around here. Last week, we celebrated the start of a new season by clearing out a ton of old products in order to make room for all the fun, new stuff we have in the works.

Our website was starting to look tired (or maybe it was just me who got tired of looking at it), so I stayed up really late one night changing up everything from our navigation to our product page layout. By the time I finished, my eyes were bloodshot, and I couldn’t tell if I’d just done our business a favor or wasted several hours of my life that I’d never get back.

Judging by the increase of traffic we’ve had over the past week, I think it’s safe to say that the updates were much-needed and extremely worthwhile.

When it comes to your branding, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to create a brand that grows & evolves with you.

Your website should be modern, beautiful, & easy-to-update. If your online presence isn’t mobile-friendly or hasn’t been updated since 1989, it might be time to rethink your marketing strategy.

Why it’s important to make updates to your site on a regular basis:


    Whenever you make updates to your website, not only does this tell search engines like Google that your content is relevant & up-to-date, but it’s also a great way to engage with your targeted audience on a regular basis. Keep clients in the loop by asking questions so they know their feedback is valuable.


    For every blog post you create, this automatically gives billions of people around the planet Pin-worthy content to share. Once your work lands on Pinterest, it lives there forever with a link back to your website! This is a great way to drive traffic while promoting your work & brand.


    Each time you share a photo session or add to your portfolio of creative services, each person & business you tag in those posts will likely want to share that content with their friends + followers. Cross-promotion = WIN/WIN!!


    By adding things like a newsletter sign-up or freebie opt-in to your site, it gives your followers the chance to engage with your work on a regular basis. Once they make it onto your email list, they will be notified each time you have something new to share.

We’ve spent years creating high-end marketing tools + affordable website templates for creatives like you who want your branding materials to reflect your style as the small business owner/wife/husband/mama/brother/rockstar that you are.

While we provide pre-written content to save you extra time, the colors, fonts, and wording are completely up to you. Change as little or as much of the designs as you’d like. Our step-by-step video tutorials allow you to dive into your site at any given time & confidently make updates whenever you please (helllooooo, money-saver)!

“For us, switching to Squarespace has been a game-changer. I used to wait months, if not YEARS to make updates to our site, as it was always a daunting task that I dreaded doing. Now, we blog on a weekly basis and have better SEO than we ever had before.”

One of the hardest parts of running a creative business is figuring out where to start. If you have a sweet website that showcases your best work, you are ahead of the game!

If you DIY-ed your first set of branding materials or are interested in stepping up your website game, we’ve got your back! As someone who had to learn all of this the hard way, the best thing you can do is invest in your business & invest in yourself!