Meet Marfa: Squarespace Website Templates

Squarespace website templates for creatives

Have a seat, & pop the bubbly, because our newest Squarespace website template is LIVE! We’re so excited to introduce you to our newest addition, Marfa.

We spent a really long time going back & forth on various design features and page styles to make sure this beauty is fully customizable + easy-to-update as you and your creative business grow.

Create a website design that’s straightforward & easy to use

One of our biggest pet peeves is purchasing (what we think will be) a useful tool online, only to find out later that it cannot easily be updated or put into practice without help from an expert. This is not the case here.

  • All of our sites come with detailed video tutorials + professional installation so you get exactly what you see within our site demos.

  • Update as little or as much of the website design as you’d like! With customizable Photoshop files included with your website, you are able to take complete control over your pages so your site design is completely unique to you & your creative business.

  • Whenever questions come up, I’m here to personally help you navigate them so you aren’t left high + dry.

How to know if our Squarespace website templates are a good fit for you & your business

In this day and age, having a professional website design is non-negotiable.

I used to DREAD touching anything web-related. Every time I had to log into Wordpress, it sucked out a little piece of my soul. There was a sense of fear that accompanied each & every update that had to be made.

  • Was my site going to break after updating all the plugins & widgets that required constant maintenance??

  • If I hired a web designer, would I be able to make my own changes down the road without knowing any code or wanting to pull out my hair?

  • What if I paid someone several thousand dollars to design my site, then they left me high & dry??

Should I start with a website template or hire a designer to create my website on Squarespace?

You’re probably on the fence as to whether or not it’s worth hiring someone else to design & implement a site you LOVE.

You’re picky + would like to have complete control over every aspect of your site so it looks & functions the way you want it to, but shelling out the big bucks isn’t an option for you (helllooooo, tax season 😏).

We’ve been there and done that. After pouring thousands of dollars into a web designer who disappeared after receiving a hefty deposit, I made it a goal to learn the ins and outs of a website platform so other creatives wouldn’t have to go through the same B.S.

We know you have a lot on your plate & that your time is extremely valuable. With pre-written content + detailed video tutorials, you can get your dream brand launched in no time!


  • home

  • info

  • galleries

  • FAQ

  • blog

  • contact


  • fully responsive website template

  • professional installation included

  • looks great on all mobile screens

  • custom CSS to make your site truly unique

  • layered PSD design files for easy customization

  • learn the ins and outs of Squarespace as you go

  • demo content to help familiarize yourself with the site

  • step-by-step video tutorials & detailed written instructions


  • wedding photographers

  • newborn photographers

  • wedding florists

  • calligraphers + stationery designers

  • event planners

  • creative entrepreneurs

  • venue owners



Our DIY templates give you complete control over your website without having to spend thousands of dollars going back and forth with a web designer. Design files included are in PSD format & require Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to edit the files. Website templates are designed specifically for Squarespace and are not intended for use with other platforms. You will be required to set up a Squarespace account and set up a URL before completing your installation. All customization for this purchase is done by the purchaser, not the seller. Upload your own logo to coordinate with an existing brand, or use our pre-made logo as a starter design. Images are not included with this template

Love the layout of this Squarespace website template, but you aren’t a big fan of the paint swashes??

No worries. We’ve got your back and have already thought that through. You can update the color of the graphics to match your brand or delete them altogether. WIN/WIN.

Not to put the horse before the cart, but we think this design is going to be a new favorite.

Stay tuned for the matching marketing materials to come!

Special thanks to our talented friend, Jona, for allowing us to display her gorgeous photos + to Cara at Open Road Florals whose beautiful flower creations can be seen throughout this design. Aren’t they stunning??