Squarespace Website Design: Amy Anahory Photography

Amy Anahory, a natural light photographer based out of Easton, Massachusetts, brought our Aspen Squarespace website design to life with her whimsical portraits of children & families.

We're not sure if it's fairy dust or a magic wand, but whatever Amy does to get the lighting and settings just perfect is something right out of a fairy tale. When scrolling through her galleries, there's a sense of nostalgia that steps off the screen and directly into our hearts. It's that place that lies in-between dreams and reality that is ever-fleeting. 

It is always exciting to see how photographers are able to transform a template entirely and create something truly unique to their brand. What started off as a light and airy website template for boudoir photographers is a site geared for family sessions that is full of color and laughter. This is something we cannot emphasize enough - all of our designs are created to be extremely versatile, which allows them to be repurposed for various specialties within the photography & wedding communities. From wedding planners to florists and newborn photographers, we love seeing how clients use their own creative license to make our designs their own.

Squarespace is the perfect platform for utilizing this creativity. After testing out every website platform under the sun, it is by far the most user-friendly platform we've ever used. Of course, there is a bit of a learning curve when you first get started, but once you see how easy it is to add whatever content you'd like, it becomes easy peasy to put together a site that is professional and catered specifically to YOU!

Here's what Amy had to say about her new site:

"For me, I put together a website on my own (using a different platform) when I first started my business. It served me well for a while but it didn't have the polished and sophisticated look that I wanted my business to exude. I decided to make the switch to Squarespace and needed to figure out what to do. I am not a tech person and did not want to spend all my time learning how to make my website look great. I also couldn't justify spending a few thousand dollars to outsource the design. And then I found Bittersweet!!!! I was a bit skeptical that I could do it but decided to take the plunge. Literally within a week I had a new website. The videos walked me through every step. I even learned enough to make some adjustments on my own and add a few additional pages. Not only do I have a beautiful website but I've learned the tools to keep making adjustments and to keep it up to date. I'm in LOVE!!

There are a lot of photographers in my area that have been around a lot longer than me. And I really think I have the most professional and polished looking website of them all!"


Thank you for allowing us to feature you and your beautiful new website on our blog, Amy! If you're looking for an affordable way to brand your business, check out our Squarespace website templates! They'll have you rockin' a gorgeous place on the web in no time.