Squarespace Templates for Photographers: Whit Meza's New Website Design

When it comes to Squarespace templates, the current themes offered by this platform can be somewhat limiting. A lot of people complain that all Squarespace sites look the same, and we have to agree, at least to a certain extent, that there’s some truth to this. Until now, wink, wink…

Since a lot of wedding photographer websites look similar to one another, we decided to find a better solution for photographers & creatives looking for a unique web design experience. Our website templates are not only easy-to-use and update whenever you’d like, but they can be customized to each creative so no two sites ever look the same!

We love how Whitney Meza used our Elm website template for her wedding & portrait photography business. Between Squarespace’s easy-to-use content builder and our fully customizable templates that are styled to look & function in a way that hasn’t been seen elsewhere, it’s a website match made in heaven.

All of our website designs include custom installation to look like the demo site, which makes it easy for photographers & creatives to create a seamless brand for their business within the matter of a few hours.

See how this talented photographer put her own spin on one of our Squarespace website templates:

Frequently asked questions:

how long will it take to install my website?

We actually install the template for you within Squarespace! Within 48-hours of adding us as a contributor to your site, we go in and set up your site to look just like the demo. This makes it easy-peasy for you to go in and update your content without having to go through the hassle of piecing things together yourself.

There are a few graphics that have to be edited in Photoshop, like the home page slideshow area. These work the same way as the rest of our marketing templates, so you can swap out the colors + fonts to make them tie in with the rest of your branding.

Can i use your templates if i’m already an existing Squarespace user?

Yes! Your existing pages & content will still be available within your account. Whatever pages you already have set up simply get moved to the 'Not Linked' section temporarily, and you can easily drag and drop them back under the ‘Main Navigation’ section at any point. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to keep all or some of those pages or if you want to change things up completely. 

Can I sell products on my site with your Squarespace templates?

If you are looking for a website that offers e-commerce plans, Squarespace is our go-to source! We use this platform for all of our digital products (it’s SO nice to have everything housed in one place…no 3rd party plugins are involved whatsoever). E-commerce is available within Squarespace’s Business & Commerce plans.

You can add products to any of the pages along with additional slideshows, forms, and other content sections of your choice. Change things up as much or as little as you'd like! We’re always here if you ever get stuck or have more questions.

Can i create password-protected pages within my site?

Of course! If you have galleries or other content that you don’t want displayed publicly, Squarespace allows you to create password-protected pages that keep your content secure. Here’s how to do that:

In the Home Menu, click Pages.

  1. In the Pages panel, select a page to protect with a password.

  2. Click the to the right of the Page's title to open Page Settings.

  3. Scroll down to Password and enter a password in the box.

  4. Click Save.


What programs do i need in order to use your website designs?

You’ll need a Squarespace account and access to Adobe Photoshop in order to customize your site. Design files included are in PSD format & require Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to edit the files.

Do you design for wordpress or showit?

Currently, we’re keeping our website templates exclusive to Squarespace, as this is the platform we’ve found to be the most user-friendly option out there.

Our website templates give you complete control over your website without having to spend thousands of dollars going back and forth with a web designer. Bittersweet’s website templates are designed specifically for Squarespace and are not intended for use with other platforms.