Squarespace Designs in Action: Meet Candace Hires Photography

Creative Squarespace Website Ideas

We couldn't be more excited to see photographers raving about our newest Squarespace website design! From the custom CSS we've written to the video tutorials that walk you through every aspect of using Squarespace, we have created an easy way for photographers and creatives to brand themselves on the web.

Candace Hires is a photographer based out of St. Simon's Island, Georgia. She specializes in photographing families, newborns, mamas-to-be, and furry friends (because they deserve to have a spot on your wall, too). We LOVE how Candace made our Aspen site design her own. Isn't her new home on the web gorgeous?! Here's what this talented photographer had to say about her new site:

"I freaking LOVE it.  The video tutorials y'all took the time to do were amazing!!!  I've had Squarespace for 2 years now and seriously had no idea just what could be done within the templates.  Mind blown."

If you aren't sure whether or not our website kits are a good fit, here is more information to help point you in the right direction:

Do I need to be a photographer in order to use the templates?

Nope! Don't be turned away just because you see boudoir images featured throughout this website. Since products and services range from one business to the next, you'd want to update some of the text and add your own images anyway. In fact, our clients range from wedding planners to florists & realtors who are in need of a cohesive brand. We always try to include pre-written content to save you extra time, although you are more than welcome to come up with your own text for your marketing materials.

One really cool thing about our designs is that we create collections instead of one-off pieces to maintain consistency across the board. Our goal is to create websites to match each of our marketing sets & social media templates.

Is this website design customizable?

Yes! People often wonder how much of our templates they are able to customize, and the answer is EVERYTHING. From the fonts to slideshows and background colors, we make sure all of our designs are extremely versatile. Candace used her own logo & branding elements throughout her website, giving her a completely unique design style. She also opted for a different gallery style on her home page to show off the types of sessions she offers.

Can I leave some of the pages out or add additional pages/sections?

Of course. This isn't a traditional website template that has you upload a single zip file in order to load the design. Instead, we have created step-by-step videos that show you exactly how you can create a mobile-friendly site to work for you and your creative business. Along the way, we show you how to use Squarespace, if you are new to this platform. There are tons of tips & tricks we've learned along the way, which we made sure to included in our tutorials.

Squarespace makes it so easy to create and delete pages from their sites, giving you all the freedom in the world to create a site that grows with you as your business evolves over the years.

We've also just finished up our Aspen magazine, which is jam-packed full of helpful information to send over to potential as well as existing clients.

The phenomenal images featured in this collection are by Lora Grady...give her page a look, if you get the chance! Huge thanks to Lora + Candace for supporting our little biz!