Squarespace Design Kits in Action: McKenzie Smith Photography

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McKenzie Smith, a fine art wedding photographer based out of southern California, creates her signature look by combining digital photography with a classic elegance that can only be produced by film. Whether she is shooting an engagement session or wedding details, we love how consistent her work is across the board.

Our Eucalyptus Squarespace Design was the perfect fit for McKenzie's work & aesthetic. We were so pumped to see how her site turned out! With an attention for detail and a natural talent that's hard to miss, McKenzie's work has taken her all around the globe to shoot weddings, bridals, and engagement sessions.


"Although I’m based in southern California, being in the business of capturing heirlooms takes me near and far from Texas to Florida, to Spain and Italy, and back again. I’ve been blessed and privileged to preserve memories as a fine art photographer for and have incredible love stories to share." 


We are honored to be able to help small business owners put together a branding experience that is true to them and their unique style. It always makes us giddy to see how photographers & other creatives take our designs to the next level. 

If you are new to Squarespace or are on the fence about whether or not this platform is right for you, check out our recent post: 5 Reasons to Switch to Squarespace. We use and love this platform for our own site and have never looked back after making the switch! It has not only simplified our own web design needs, but it has allowed us to create useful tools for other creatives who want to have full control over their sites. Updating our site used to make our heads spin. It was something I always put on the backburner, because it never went over smoothly. As soon as I thought I had everything in place, a little yellow or red warning sign would pop up at the top of the page with a note about how our site needed updating. Squarespace sites are ALWAYS up-to-date! There's no need to install extra plugins or fancy widgets. It's pretty sweet, to say the least.

Thank you for your support, McKenzie! You ROCKED your website!!