Southern Living Magazine Feature


Southern Living Magazine Feature

My husband and I don't get to travel nearly as often as we would like, so when this rare occasion does happen, I try my best to leave work at home.

Back in July, we hopped on a plane to Chicago to saturate ourselves with big city living for a few days. Our boutique hotel in downtown Chi-Town, The Dana, was the perfect escape from restaurant chains and neighborhoods resembling the ones shown on the introduction of Weeds. As soon as our bags arrived to our room, I got an email notification on my phone from an editor who had browsed through my Etsy shop in search of holiday cards. It looked too appealing to disregard, and technically, our trip had just begun, so I wasn't in full vacation mode yet.

By the way...the editor was from Southern Living magazine, and I had three days to send over hard-copy samples of my new holiday card designs. I take that back...I had three days for the editor to have the samples in-hand.

I'd have to make sweet love to my laptop one more time before succumbing to the amazing food & drink scene that Chicago has to offer.

After ordering new prints, having them drop-shipped to my Chicago-dwelling brother & sister-in-law's house, and scurrying around downtown until I found a store with semi-cute packaging supplies, I dropped about forty bucks at a Paper Source on some chic-y boutique-y tissue paper that would make my card designs look decent. It wasn't stellar, but it would have to do.

Big thanks to Southern Living for Bittersweet's second feature in their beautiful magazine. Mel Cole, I wouldn't have been able to pull this together without your amazing photography skills! I can't thank you enough for allowing me to use your images in my work!

You can find our holiday card designs & customizable templates here.

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