See How Grace & Style Used Our Aspen Squarespace Template

Squarespace templates for wedding planners

One of the things we love most about designing websites for creatives is seeing how photographers, wedding planners, and other small businesses take a template & truly make it their own. It’s like having a baby and seeing your child grow into a beautiful little being outside the womb. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it really is one of the best feelings ever to see an idea come to life & evolve over time.

Katie with Grace & Style is a new mama, a wife, and a creative wedding planner based out of Reno, Nevada. She helps couples coordinate every aspect of their dream wedding while bringing an intimate approach to planning for the big day.

We love how Katie took this website design to the next level with her own custom logo, fonts, and branding style. Her work is elegant and soft, which worked perfectly with our Aspen website design for Squarespace.

Create a Website Design that grows with you

After having the same job for over a decade now, it's fun to see how our customizable design templates stay relevant despite changing styles, updates, & algorithms. You know something is timeless when you look back at it years later and still like it! There is one thing that's guaranteed in this life: change.

Someone recently asked how long it took to create our website. Hmmm...a decade? It's a constant work in progress that's never really finished. Your brand is something that grows + evolves over time, just like everything else in this life. What's better than getting it perfect is getting it done!

I see stories from countless creatives who spend weeks and even months weighing their options and carefully planning out every detail of their ‘next big thing.’ Sadly, by the time that ‘next big thing’ launches, it’s already outdated. While they were curating posts that didn’t yet exist, the creative down the street launched without knowing whether or not their idea would take off and now has 4 new clients. They had to work out quite a few kinks along the way, but they’re figuring it out as they go.

One approach isn’t necessarily better than another - I just don’t want you to feel paralyzed in the decision-making process.

Every creative business out there needs a professional website that looks great & functions seamlessly across all screen sizes & devices.

Here are 5 ways to Improve Your Web Presence

Things to Include in Your Website Design:

  1. A home page: This is the first thing visitors will see upon navigating to your site. Keep the copy minimal while making sure it is well-written and relatable.

  2. An ‘About Me’ section: Here’s your chance to show off your quirky self! When you type out your bio as if you are speaking directly to your dream clients, it will naturally come across as being warm and genuine, as if you are having a face-to-face conversation with a bride or groom.

  3. An engaging blog: Blogging isn’t dead. A lot of people don’t like to write, so they wind up neglecting their blogs altogether. Who reads them anyway, right?? WRONG. Blogging is one of the most powerful tools you can use within your website. By creating new content on a regular basis, you are telling Google and other search engines that your site is up-to-date and relevant to your industry. Your blog posts live on your site forever, so each time you create new content, it has the potential to impact viewers for years and years to come!

  4. Pricing + services: There’s a bit of controversy about whether or not you should include your pricing on your website. My thoughts are 100% ‘YES, please include your pricing so clients don’t waste your time & energy sending over multiple emails and asking endless questions only to find out your products or services aren’t within their budget.’

    If sticker shock is a concern, you’re probably going after the wrong audience.

  5. The contact page: This can be as simple as a form. Don’t get crazy with it…make sure your Contact page is clean and easy to navigate so people have a way to get ahold of you. If you’re not a phone person, leave your phone number off. If Instagram is your preferred way of contact, let people know that and send them over to your IG page for inquiries!

    You get to call the shots here! Set your site up for success by telling potential clients exactly what you want them to do. If they don’t know how you work or why you work the way you do, this will lead to a lot of unneeded frustration & headaches.

Create a beautiful website using one of our Squarespace website Templates

Our website designs are created specifically to get clients more engaged with your work. By offering a space that makes them feel at home as soon as they visit your page, they will feel comfortable with you long before booking. Customize the content + colors for a super quick way to create scroll-stopping content that's true to you & your brand.

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