Save The Date Templates


Save The Date Templates

There are more than 20,000 couples getting married this Saturday (12/13/14) compared to 7,500 couples last year, according to a poll from David's Bridal. Make sure relatives and friends are available on your special day well in advance by sending out save the dates! Our save the date templates offer an easy solution to creating your own postcards within the comfort of your home. You don't even have to change out of your pjs - just open up Photoshop, plug in your own images and text, and you're all set! Everything from the colors to the fonts and text placement can be updated to fit your unique style. We make all of our designs really easy to use so you can have a lot of flexibility with each template.

As weeks and weeks of planning and decision-making goes into every wedding, you can help clients lighten the load by offering a one-stop-shopping experience. Along with your photography services, you can offer to create their wedding stationery as well! Our save the dates provide a new source of revenue for your photography business while saving you time and creative energy. You can also customize the templates for event invitations, marketing materials, or thank you cards as well as other wedding stationery. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to add products to your list of services!

All of our templates are designed to be used with Miller's Printing Lab or WHCC printing. Show your newly engaged couples that they don't need to worry about their Save the Dates by offering high-end design templates to choose from. Christmas Eve is almost here, which means lots of engagements are just around the corner!


Images shown above by Forever Photography Studio. If you are newly engaged or in need of amazing photographers, be sure to check out their page!