Premade Photography Logos (that Don't Suck)


Premade Photography Logos

I want to let you all in on a little secret - premade photography logos don't have to suck. I know, I know. They always do suck, though. Do a quick Google search for this topic, and you'll see what I mean. After viewing thousands of cheeseball, clip art-esque florals and swirlies accompanied by curly-q typefaces, my eyeballs have all but completely fallen out of my head. It sounds extreme, but for every 10,000 terrible logos, there is one good logo. (Source unknown for that statistic.)

Let's change this! Want a decent looking photographer logo without dropping three grand? Start with a premade logo, update the colors and marketing materials while your photography studio blossoms, and then drop that three grand on a really good custom brand. It doesn't make sense to do this backwards, as your business (and business identity) is bound to change within its first few years. I don't know of a single photographer who hasn't changed their logo at least once since registering through the Secretary of the State. Not ONE.

beautiful premade photography logo for professional photographers

Things to think about when deciding on your logo design:

-How many letters are included in your business name (what looks great as a premade logo might not look the same when customized, depending on whether your business name is much shorter or longer than the one in the example).

-Don't focus too much on the colors - these can be updated within Photoshop and/or Illustrator! All customization in our photography templates is done by the user, which allows you to make changes as often as needed.

-You might consider where the logo will be seen most often. Make sure the sizing and text will be legible when you transfer it to your website, Facebook page, etc.

vintage floral premade photography logospremade photography logos design by bittersweet design boutique

While a lot of our designs are really feminine, we also have templates that cater to our friends of the opposite sex. There are plenty of ways to achieve a more masculine look, such as using a design that is centered around typographic elements instead of florals, swirlies, or other girly graphics that are regulars in premade photography logos. premade photography logos by rose lindo

Friends don't let friends have sh*tty logos. Be a good friend, and let your photographer buddies to invest in premade photography logos if their existing business identities suck. We can help.