New Yorker Photoshop Marketing Template Set


Photoshop Marketing Template Set

If you're a full-time photographer, you probably have little to no time to hire someone to create marketing materials, much less to design them yourself. You're busy behind the camera, and that's what you do best! The good news is that you can stay behind the camera! In fact, you should stay behind the camera as much as possible, if you can! Keep creating those beautiful pictures, and we'll keep creating the design work to go with it.

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Photoshop Marketing Template Setphotoshop marketing template set for photographers

Like all of our photography templates, this marketing set is fully customizable. It's a breeze to swap out the images, text, and colors. If you already have a brand that you're in love with, just update the colors to match your logo and other design elements. You can drag and drop designs and images directly onto the Photoshop spreads, so no two designs have to look the same.

letterhead - photoshop template marketing setphotoshop template marketing set business cards

Use the templates for your own marketing or turn them into photo cards to use with your clients - these can be transformed into save the dates, birth announcements, and graduation announcements, just to name a few of the possibilities...

*All images provided by Forever Photography Studio.

gift card photoshop template marketing setthank you card design as part of a photoshop template marketing set

Thank you card templates are a great way to photographers to follow up with clients after a session and let them know how much their support is appreciated. This photography template allows for multiple photos and a personal message on the inside. Like all of our templates, you can change the colors and fonts, if desired.postcard templates photoshop marketing template set