Photography Template Sale!


Photography Template SALE

Let's kick off the week with a photography template sale! Enjoy 50% off everything in the shop with promo code BITTERSWEET today through 5/31/14.

We have a ton of new designs in our Etsy shop, too! Check 'em out!

photography template sale


Thank you all so much for the constant support and kind feedback - it means more than you know!

I have been getting a lot of requests for new designs and am currently working my tail off to fulfill these wishes! There are a lot of new photo templates coming your way soon. If there is a specific template on your wishlist, I'd love to hear about it! Next up is a new magazine template for wedding photographers, so stay tuned! This design will feature information for existing clients. You will be able to send over photo tips, suggested photography timelines for a couple's wedding day, and loads of important information for the big day. Best yet - you will be able to display all of these details in one place!

Update on Custom Work

It has been awhile since we have posted an update on custom work, so here it goes...

I am so honored to get so many requests for custom logos, small business branding, etc. Unfortunately, I am swamped right now and am not taking on any new projects. It isn't a bad problem to have, but I hate having to tell people 'no' so often. Keeping up with both template shops has quickly become a full-time job in itself! I barely have time to do any personal work these days, which feeds my soul. While it is much more profitable to take on branding projects, this area of design is no longer something I am passionate about.

Designing templates allows me to reach a much larger audience than I have ever been able to reach in the past. I have received so many nice emails and comments from photographers who benefit from our customizable designs, which reinforces my decision to stick with this market and trust my heart to lead me in the right direction.

Thank you all for the support as I continue creating!