Photographer Squarespace Design Featuring: Tiffany Gentry

Feature photographer website design for Squarespace: Tiffany Gentry

We wanted to share more insight into the journey other photographers have taken in stepping up their web presence and brand message. Tiffany Gentry is a fine art wedding, boudoir & lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles. Tiffany recently used our Aspen Squarespace template and we asked her if she would share her experience and thoughts on branding and using Squarespace. We hope this may answer some questions or reservations you may have. Thanks so much to Tiffany for sharing her insight.

Tiffany Gentry: Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

What was the deciding factor for you when you started using Squarespace as your platform of choice?

One of my very first websites was a WordPress site. I’m a creative, not a coder. I was nervous every time I tried to blog or update anything on my site because I felt like I was going to mess things up. Therefore, I would rarely blog or update anything, which was a huge disservice to my clients. When Squarespace launched I was intrigued. I loved the aesthetic of the sites & the ease of customizing & updating. I did some research & asked fellow creatives who used the platform about their experiences. I finally decided to make the switch & I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Photographer Squarespace Design: Tiffany Gentry

What made our templates appealing to you to use for your studio?

If I’m being entirely honest, I’ve been putting off a re-brand for years. I kept telling myself that in order to really up level my business, I needed to hire a branding expert to design a new logo & site that would accurately represent me. I kept getting overwhelmed with the whole process … researching the best branding expert, figuring out a budget for this project, curating images, going through multiple rounds of revisions (not only for the logo but also each page of the website), etc. I’ve used Bittersweet Design templates in the past & loved them. I knew they had launched a few website templates, so when an email popped into my inbox, I decided now was the time. I purchased the template, forced myself to buckle down & get this new website launched. I told myself that if I was going to do it myself, that I wasn’t going to keep allowing myself to put it off. Within 10 days I had a beautiful, brand new website!

Was there any part of the purchase process you were hesitant about? If so, what made you feel at ease about it?

The only factor I was hesitant about was me. I knew that if I purchased the template, it meant that I was going to be implementing the design. And since I knew how long I’d been putting this process off, I didn’t want to purchase a template & then not use it. But I also knew how easy these templates had been in the past & how helpful the instructional videos had been, so I felt like this was my opportunity.

If there is any advice you’d like to tell yourself when you started your business, what advice would you give?

There is SO much. But I think one of the big things I didn’t realize is how important it is to maintain a consistent brand & message. Clients want to connect with your brand & with YOU. Often times your website is their first impression, so make it a good one. This is something I failed miserably at in the beginning, but I’m beyond excited to be putting my best foot forward now. These templates provide a very professional yet approachable feel which is exactly what I wanted.

What was the biggest learning curve you experienced using Squarespace?

SEO. It’s still something I’m trying to get a handle on. And since I’m not the most tech savvy person, often times it just seems like gibberish to me, but I know how important it is, so I’m doing the best I can.