Pricing Guide Freebie


Pricing guide freebie!

Today, we decided to post a giveaway for one of our items on our Instagram page to build engagement. Like everyone else, hearing about algorithm changes coming to Instagram made us a bit anxious. Instead of panicking, we decided to take an alternative approach. We have the chance to make changes to continue growing our business through social media.

The giveaway ran just like our other contests. We traded comments and 'likes' for the opportunity to win a free pricing guide. The response was overwhelming! So many people are operating their photography studios without well designed pricing guides.


Here are a few of the comments from entries posted today:

"As a new startup, I don't have a pricing guide yet and would love to have a professional, stylish guide to give my clients!"

"I am new in business and still trying to get everything in order to build my brand and have a professional presence, and this beautiful pricing guide would be so, so helpful!"

"My current pricing guide screams "made with Word 2007!" ;)"


We saw there was a common need for this marketing tool and think it is one of the most important tools you can have. Having a nice business card is no longer the standard. To stand out, you need to have a clear message of what services you provide for potential clients.

One thing will always remain constant for any business, and that is CHANGE!

Whether we are taking about social media changes or updates to your pricing, the need for change is inevitable within every business. You need to have all the tools and resources to make those changes as soon as possible. Our templates provide that convenience for you without having to hire a designer. Dealing with communication delays, creative differences, and high costs can be frustrating. The focus of this business is to give you complete control over your marketing materials. While we will continue to make changes along with everyone else, this is something we will keep in place.


Since it's tax season, and we all could use a little break, we have decided to pull an Oprah on this one. Instead of choosing a single winner, we are offering this design as a token of our thanks. "You get a pricing guide! YOU get a pricing guide! And YOU get a pricing guide!" Surprise! You're all winners in our book! It's cheesy, but true. We'd love to connect with you over on Instagram!

**Our templates are only available as Photoshop Files**



Complete the freebie with this matching marketing set and magazine to complete a cohesive look.

Designed in collaboration with Seaside Creative

Images courtesy of Studio Elle Photography