New Product: Golden Marketing Template Set


Golden Marketing Template Set

By the time Mother's Day rolled around, I'd had flowers on the brain for about a week. Subconsciously, my thoughts had been making their way into my work, filling the computer screen with images of pink and orange bouquets.

Golden Marketing Template Set

This photo marketing set is designed to be completely customizable, making it really easy to update colors, text, and images. If you're in need of a new look but don't want to break the bank, consider investing in a marketing template set that helps to define your style. You're able to add your logo, resize, and even delete layers as you please. If you're not crazy about the background pattern, just drag and drop your pattern of choice onto the Photoshop file.

It's that easy.

Here are the deets:



-layered PSD designs (digital files only) -fully customizable -instructions included -compatible with Photoshop CS or later & Photoshop Elements

-standard fonts (or free) -designed for use with Miller's Lab and WHCC (,

Included with purchase:

-1 horizontal folding 5x7 layered thank you card template -1 5x7 press card template -1 4.25x5.5 postcard template (plus 4x5.5 postcard template in same design to use with WHCC) -2 DVD templates -1 3.5x2 business card template -2 3x3 round sticker templates -1 4x6 gift card template (plus 4x5.5 postcard template in same design to use with WHCC) -1 5x5 trifold pricing guide (templates for Miller’s and WHCC) -1 envelope design (sized for use with Vista Print) -1 letterhead design (sized for use with Vista Print)

Digital files are sent through an ftp server within 48 hours of purchasing this item.

*Must have a working knowledge of Photoshop in order to use these templates. All photo card templates are available strictly for professional photographers.

*images courtesy of Forever Photography Studio