New Client Packaging Ideas for Photographers

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The other day, as I was doing a little mindless Facebook creeping, I stumbled upon a gorgeous image that stopped my scroll. As a self-proclaimed minimalist, there aren’t a lot of tangible goods that take up permanent residence in our home, but this custom collection is something I’d hold onto forever.

New Client Packaging Ideas for Photographers:

As most of us know, wedding photography is one of the first & largest investments an engaged couple makes together. Kinzie Tweter with Wandering Love Collective has taken her client experience to the next level (and then some). This wooden photo box is part of Kinzie’s welcome package for new clients. Once their wedding photos are ready, each couple receives a USB in the form of a curated gift set. What better way to show clients gratitude than with a beautiful keepsake like this?

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Create a Curated Gift Set for Your Photography Studio

The personalized details included with this set are top-notch. From the etched whiskey glasses to the photographer’s logo that’s engraved on the handmade wooden box, this gift undoubtedly makes a huge impression on brides and grooms. No two packages have to be the same, either. You could easily swap out the bottle of whiskey with a wine bottle, olive oil, or a bag of coffee, just to name a few ideas.

When it comes to creating a memorable experience for clients, this talented wedding photographer has officially raised the bar!

Okay, we know what you’re thinking…tell me where to get these items already! Don’t worry - I wouldn’t dare post beautiful packaging inspiration without including links to the vendors behind the goods. There are a million different ways to create your own unique gift for clients, but if you’re looking for the items shown above, here are the deets:

Wooden Photo Box + USB Packaging:

wooden box: AutumnWoodwork
whiskey glasses:
The Wedding Party Store
USB flash drive:
crinkle paper:
photo prints: 

Depending on the specific items chosen for your box, the pricing ranges from (roughly) $100-$200. Obviously, if you’re including a bag of coffee in lieu of a nice bottle of whiskey, the cost will go down quite a bit. While this might seem like a costly ‘thank you’ gift, it is also a tax write-off that can be included in your marketing budget. Word of mouth is an extremely powerful tool for local businesses - especially when couples are spending $5,000 - $10,000 on photography services. A single referral goes a long way in the wedding world.


Share Your Packaging Inspiration

If you’re obsessed with Kinzie’s style, like we are, be sure to check out her Instagram page for more creative goodness. Kinzie, thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us!

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