Natalie Franke Photography: Branded!

Natalie Franke Photography: Branded!

Lover of photography. Indulgent in life. Knowledge seeker. Goal setter. All of these terms can be used to describe our most recent client, Natalie Franke Photography.

Although we have never met in person, I could tell that Natalie is all of these things plus so much more. She is a girl of many hats--that's for sure! Based out of Annapolis, Maryland, Natalie is not only the owner of a fabulous photography business, but she is also active in her sorority and community at Penn, where she is a full-time student. We were so impressed by everything Natalie has going on and were so incredibly thankful to be able to work with her!

Here are a few pictures of this talented wedding photographer's updating branding materials: photography logo template photographer-gift-card

Here are some of the items created along with Natalie's branding:

  • branding colors & fonts
  • logo design
  • watermark
  • cd templates
  • gift card design

natalie franke photography

photography logo templates

Don't let her age fool you! Although this talented, young business owner might get carded at a night club, she has a great eye for photography and has already accomplished so much in the professional world. Natalie has gained respect from her clients, who range from brides to grads, by proving that her ambition and talent show no limits. How she has time to do it all, we have no idea!

photographer gift card templatesnatalie franke photography Natalie is a true inspiration to other students and youth to pursue their dreams regardless of their age. It is never too early or late to start working towards your goals. Being a business owner is not easy, so we have to hand it to this girl for juggling so many hats with ease. It takes dedication and a lot of hard work to make it in the wedding photography industry. With so much competition, you have to be able to set yourself apart. Natalie has done just that by branding not only her business, but also by branding herself and integrating her own personality into everything she does. natalie franke photography

See for yourself what all of the fuss is about: It was great working with you, Natalie!