Moo Business Cards

This past week we've created our first round of mini cards, and we're extremely happy at the way they turned out. A friend of mine had recently seen someone carrying a tiny case that looked like a stick of gum, in which he housed not pieces of Wrigley, but business cards. We were determined to find out where these mini-cards came from, and it wasn't long before we were drooling over all of the Moo business cards & stationery ideas. If you haven't been to their site, you definitely should! Not only do they have unique shapes and sizes, but the cards themselves are printed on thick, silk cardstock. Our client, Daniel, is also a good friend of ours. He was seeking unique contact cards to hand out to his friends and colleagues at school, so we had the freedom to create something a bit out of the norm.


business-card-template business-card-templates

Moo business cards

These cards are approximately half the height of a normal business card, so they still fit perfectly in a wallet. They were printed on thick cardstock, with two different designs on the back sides of the cards. One design resembles an abstract version of sunlight coming through a canopy of trees (random, eh?), and the other design spells out the name "Daniel Miley" in freehand letter forms. The tree idea came from a comment Daniel mentioned when discussing colors, in which he stated that his favorite color green was the color that you see when sunlight comes in through a canopy of trees. We liked the idea, so we translated it in a literal sense.


There is also a neat little card holder included with this set that fits onto a keychain, allowing about 12 cards at a time in its presence.

Danny, we hope you like these as much as we do!