Marketing Your Mini Sessions with Darling Photographers

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I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and noticed the feed of Darling Photographers, a wedding photography studio based out of Washington, D.C. They have been shooting weddings for over 13 years and have a unique style that is consistent with her branding. 

I recognized that Darling (yes, that's the owner's name - isn't it beautiful?) had used one of our mini session templates, which said, "ALL SESSIONS SOLD OUT." We decided to reach out to Darling and ask how she markets her mini sessions in order to increase her holiday sales & stand out from other photographers in her area. 


Here's what she had to say:

When did you start offering mini-sessions?

I recently started offering mini sessions for all my past clients, their friends, families, and anyone looking to have their most precious moments captured beautifully. 

I have been in wedding photography for many years and after getting inquiries from all my couples over and over, our mini session idea started taking form last Fall. I offered the Spring mini sessions this year and it was a complete success. 


What has been the most effective method of marketing your mini sessions? 

I love families, I love kids, and it gives me a creative outlet that only enriches my wedding clients' experience. All my mini session clients are past clients... couples whose weddings I would like to be a part of or their close family and friends.


How do you set your mini-sessions apart from your competitors?

I am not too in the loop of what others in my industry are doing, so I follow my instinct and give my clients what they ask for. Family sessions/ mini sessions are something my clients have been asking for a very long time and just thought to do this for them as an extension to their client experience with Darling Photographers.


Is there any type of in-person sales follow up or communication for ordering prints or holiday cards? 

All our sessions are delivered via online galleries with printing options. We make sure to encourage our clients to print their memories and how important it is to preserve these memories for generations to come.

We try to make them short, affordable, and easy to view/share/order/and print.

We want our past couples, now families to continue their legacy with a portrait session. We want them to know how important it is to document every year of their kids' lives, growth, and their family as a whole. I want them to know these moments are as special to them as they are to us. 

Thank you Darling for taking the time to share your thoughts on your mini session marketing!

Do you offer mini sessions? If so, what has or has not worked for you in the past?? We'd love to know!

Marketing mini session templates.
Mini session marketing templates.

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