Squarespace Websites in Action: Kathleen Marie Ward Photography

Last week, we launched our newest website template, Marfa. As always, I poured a ton of time into the design but wasn’t 100% confident that other creatives would respond to the desert-themed site + paintbrush graphics, as they’re a little out of the norm from the ultra minimal style you often see from us.

This baby was either going to sink or swim, and our local Target is all out of floaties…

If you’ve ever launched something new without knowing whether it will be a big hit or do a big ol’ belly flop, you know the feeling.

The day after putting this baby into the wild, I opened up a browser window to see if anyone had started customizing their new site yet (okay…I was being a little nosy), and lo and behold, there she was…

Hours after purchasing our Marfa site template, Kathleen Ward, a talented wedding photographer from the DC area, had already customized + launched her new website.

Not only did she update the colors & various elements to match her branding, but Kathleen created a completely unique space on the web to call home. It’s a place where potential clients will turn into lifelong friends & a place where dream projects will come to life.

I was so excited, I just about peed my pants.

Seeing your work in action & having your name trusted by fellow creatives is one of the most rewarding feelings out there, especially when it comes to a project that took weeks or months to create.

If you’re in need of a new website but aren’t sure if our templates would be a good fit for you, here are a few questions + answers to hopefully give you a better idea of how these site designs work:

Q: How customizable are the websites?

A: Very! You can update everything from the fonts & colors to the page styles, gallery layouts, Home page sections, etc.

If you want your Home page to have a full-width header instead of the overlapping paint swash & text, that’s totally doable.

Rather have a slideshow instead of a static image? No problem.

Want to make the background white instead of beige? Sounds great!

Want to add video to any of the pages?? Easy peasy.

You can move things around, delete any unwanted pages/sections/graphics, and add new content whenever you’d like (ex: additional pages, , images, galleries, slideshows, buttons…you name it).

Q: Do the templates include a blog design?

A: Yes! All of our websites come with a professionally-designed blog page along with sample post layouts to help get you started. You can start with our demo blog posts or create your own blog layouts to fit your specific style.

Q: Will you be available to answer my questions after I purchase a website template?

A: NOPE! Once you give me your money, I will disappear immediately.

Okay, only kidding…I’m not going anywhere and am always happy to answer each & every question that comes up. Whether you’ve never created a website before or you’re having trouble getting something to look a certain way, no need to worry - I’ve got your back.

Q: Can I transfer over content from my old website?

You sure can! If you have a current website or blog and want to make sure your content will still be available after making the switch to Squarespace, don’t sweat it! This platform allows you to easily import content from WordPress, Blogger, & Tumblr so you don’t have to start from scratch.