Instagram Stories Templates are Here!

Instagram Stories templates are here and ready to rock your social media feed!

Instagram has quickly shaped the way we look at and interact with the world. As something creatives use and love, we got quite a few requests to create beautiful social media templates to match our marketing sets, magazines, and websites. Our ultimate goal is to give you the complete branding experience - from the pre-written copy we put into the designs to the seamless collections that provide you with everything you need to book more clients, we've put almost TEN years into this little mission of ours!


Our Instagram Stories templates give you a fun way to let followers know what you're up to, what projects you're working on, and to share inspiration & behind-the-scenes snippets throughout your day. The thing we love the most about it is its authenticity - it's much more relaxed than the 9-grid (if you're OCD about your feed, like us, you know what we're talking about).


  • 35 Instagram Highlights Icons
  • 9 Instagram Stories Photoshop Templates - 1920px X 1080px
  • 9 Instagram Post Photoshop Templates - 1200px X 1200px
  • 2 Facebook Timeline Photoshop Templates
  • digital PSD spreads
  • images by Lora Grady

With the release of Instagram Stories Highlights, we also wanted to create icons for you to use with various occasions + events. If you haven't already checked out this feature, Instagram Highlights are the featured stories at the top of your feed. Any time you post to your story, you have the option of sharing that post as a highlight, meaning it won't disappear after 24 hours.


With all of our Photoshop templates, you are free to update all the colors, fonts, & text to match your style. If there's an icon or design element you aren't crazy about, don't fret. Each element comes on its own layer, giving you the ability to hide or delete it altogether.