Squarespace Website Examples for Photographers

If you’ve been following us for a while now, it’s no secret we love and use Squarespace for our own site. You can see why we choose Squarespace here. What makes us even more excited is when creatives and photographers take our templates and make them their own with the changes they’ve made.

Having your own little home on the web that you and your clients will love for years to come is often found to be more challenging than we’d like. Finding the right design to fit your brand and a platform to achieve your desired results takes time.

We hope that by sharing these examples, others will make the jump onto Squarespace, a platform we love using and designing for.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own photography website or for a photography clients site, here are a few Squarespace website examples that knock it out of the park!

Taryn Shultz Photos - Elm/Laurel Squarespace Templates

Taryn used a combination of our Elm and Laurel templates to achieve a sophisticated, nostalgic look that perfectly matches her branding and beautiful style of photography. Her portfolio page is broken into 4 sections that highlight her wedding photography, family portraits, maternity and newborn sessions, and couples sessions. Taryn’s website easily captures her moody style and unique approach to documenting memories her clients will cherish for generations. 

Inspirational Squarespace Design for Photographers

Laura Vanderzee Photography - Aspen Squarespace Template

This design is from Laura Vanderzee, an amazing photographer and fellow Okie. Laura’s eye for detail and lighting make her work stand out and allows the clean lines and minimal style of our Aspen template provide a frame for her beautiful images. Laura defines her style as sincere and joyful and you can easily see how she has a passion for capturing life’s blissful moments.

Squarespace Inspirational Website for Photographers.

Angel Cheung Photography - Aspen Squarespace Template

Angel is an award winning international photographer based in Hong Kong. Her natural, light and airy style is perfect for the Aspen design. Her website invokes a style that captures emotion with authenticity.

Squarespace design templates for photographers

We hope you enjoyed viewing these examples. Feel free to ask any questions you have about Squarespace or our templates. I know that having a website that works and speaks to your style is easier said than done. Just know that we are here to help in any way we can. If you’d like to take a closer look at our templates click below and learn more on how we can get you started attracting more of your dream clients.