Introducing: Bittersweet Design Boutique


Introducing: Bittersweet Design Boutique

Hello everyone! After several years of working on small creative projects for family and friends, I have finally decided to start my own business. All of the legal documents have been filed, and the "boring business paperwork" is complete, so my time and energy can now be focused on doing what I love - designing and creating!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to do something creative with my life. After many struggles and several large obstacles that were put in my path, I have learned to overcome my greatest fears and take a leap of faith in order to follow my dreams. New challenges are put before my EVERY DAY, but each time I somehow get through it, making me more knowledgeable and confident that my former hobbies will be transformed into a successful career. Trust me, it's a little scary at times!

Years and years of drawing, crafting, designing and daydreaming has resulted in the formation of Bittersweet Design Boutique, which will provide a creative outlet for brides, mothers and small business owners alike. Our goal is to create unique, professional designs that will stand out and leave people asking, "Where did you get that?" Whether you're in need of a new logo or a wedding invitation, you've come to the right place!

Special thanks goes to my husband, Thomas, and Jona and Jerry Blackwell at Forever Photography Studio for encouraging me and for providing me with all of the tools I needed to get started!

Check back to see our latest projects! Visit our photography template shop to make your branding a complete package.  Please let us know if you have any marketing needs we can help with by leaving a comment.