Gold Glass Photo Boxes

Gold Glass Boxes by La Rousse

These beautiful gold photo boxes make the perfect client gifts, especially with the holidays right around the corner. Investing in a small token of thanks goes a long way in the photography industry, especially when it comes to repeat clients and getting referrals from existing clients. A gift that wows can be the deciding factor between having thousands of dollars in your pocket.

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For longer than I'd like to admit, I went without printing any of our photos. The minimalist in me is always looking to get rid of everything that doesn't serve a functional purpose. Who needs a tangible keepsake when it ends up getting tucked away inside a cardboard box under the bed anyway? 

After having Griffin, our seven-month-old, I have started realizing the importance in preserving our memories. She's already grown and changed so much that I want to record every last expression. Since her birth, life has been quite the blur. It feels like we have already started to forget how she looked, sounded, and even smelled as a newborn. At the end of the day, after we're completely wiped out and covered in various types of baby goo, the storage space in our brains is pretty limited.

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glass photo box
glass box photo storage

We recently had our first post-baby photo session, documented by our talented friend, Adrian Garcia of Fomas Cine. The images turned out better than anything we could have hoped for and captured our daughter's (then) six month little self perfectly. 

It was time to upgrade the ol' shoe box for a real storage solution. 

La Rousse's glass photo boxes give us the ability to display our images intimately, and they don't take up much room in our small studio apartment.

glass box for photos

Since the boxes are clear, it gives us the reminder of what contents are actually inside the box (unlike our shoe boxes stored under the bed). I love that the images are small, yet visible enough for visitors to thumb through as well. The box itself is made of brass with a gold finish, which makes for a really sturdy piece. The perfume style USB is an added bonus for clients and fits perfectly inside the box or next to it, if wrapped in a larger container with other gifted items.

You can fit a little over 100 4x6 prints in each box. La Rousse also carries 5x7 boxes and cute stationery, so be sure to check out their shop! 

la rousse photo boxes
la rousse photo box

We hope to share more packaging ideas for photographers and creatives in the near future. If you have a product you use & love, let us know! Check out some of our other packaging ideas below.