Gold Edge Painted Business Cards


Gold edge painted business cards:

I see a note card and I want it painted gold...

This DIY project was inspired by a post on Camille Styles' blog, where this fabulous blogger/styling extraordinaire reveals an easy way to achieve the beautiful look of gold edge painted business cards. The best part is that this project is totally doable for all of my fellow crafters & creatives! All you need is a little gold spray paint - that's it! I figured out that in order to achieve best results, you should place a heavy object along with a piece of paper cut out in the shape of your cards on top of the stack (or squeeze the cards together with your plastic-gloved hands and rotate as you out for a little paint, because you will get sprayed). It took me a couple of times to figure out the ideal amount of coverage -- too much paint can cause the edges to stick together, and too little paint just doesn't end up looking as snazzy...

Tip: You might want test these babies out on a set of cards that you won't shed a tear over if they get messed up, just in case there are a few casualties.

Abbe Fenimore, owner and curator of Studio Ten 25, is a big fan of all things glam, and like the rest of us, she likes to snag a good deal on marketing materials when she can! With the help of a little spray paint, these cards were quickly transformed into little gems that recipients will be sure to hold on to.

The gold bled a tiny bit past the edges on the back side of the cards, but I kind of like the imperfect look. This project really was as simple as it sounds.

Happy spray painting!

diy gold edge painted business cards by bittersweet design boutique
diy gold spray painted cards
gold edges spray painted on cards
diy gold edge painting by rose lindo