Free Wedding Photography Pricing Guide Template

Free Wedding Photography Pricing Guide Template

It’s finally below 90 degrees here, which means we’re entering a new season & celebrating the fact that it’s officially ‘sweater weather!’ I may or may not have put a hoodie on yesterday, only to discover that it wasn’t actually as chilly (okay, not at ALL chilly) as I originally thought/hoped. Anyone else with me??

The cooler weather has us thinking about all the new projects to come. What better way to kick off Fall than with a new freebie for you?! As our Olive website design is almost finished, we wanted to share a little peek at the newest template collection.

Enjoy this free wedding photography price list on us!

Still sending over your pricing in the form of a Word Doc? Make a great first impression with this free pricing guide design!

For over ten years now, we have been creating valuable tools for photographers & creatives. One of the most frequent requests we receive is for beautifully-styled pricing guides, as this is often the piece that makes or breaks a potential client connection.

Your delivery is more important than you might think.

Let’s pretend for a second that FedEx pulls up in front of your house. Outside your office window, you see the driver toss a heavily-worn box onto your doorstep without getting out of his truck. Without knowing whether or not the contents inside are for you, a simple event that normally stirs up a little excitement has already made you upset, and you haven’t even stepped foot outside your door to see what’s inside the crumpled package.

See where I’m going here?? Long before your clients book, you have the opportunity to WOW them. Roll out the red carpet & treat clients like they’re worthy of all the extra bells and whistles. Soon enough, you will see that every ounce of effort poured into other people comes back tenfold.

Included with download:

• 8.5”x11” pricing guide
• digital PSD design
• download immediately
• fully customizable
• instructions included
• compatible with Photoshop CS or later & PSE
• standard fonts (or free)
• Images by VS Photograph

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