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Have no fear; the new freebie is here!

As I considered different options for this month's template, I was a little conflicted as to whether I wanted to offer a product geared for photographers' mini sessions or if the template should be designed for the actual photo clientsLeaning toward the latter of the two choices, I created a tri-fold design that has dual purposes. You can offer this template to clients as a printed holiday card, or update the text and use this as a marketing piece for mini sessions and holiday promos. Easily add in your own pricing information, and you're all set!

The longer I stared at this design, the more minimal it became. It started with a simple triangular shape and repeated that idea throughout the cards. You will notice that this triangle serves as a Christmas tree, arrow, and divider between the different text areas. It is both functional and cute! Within each photography template, I think about how each section of the design can stand alone as well as relate to the other card panels. This can be a little obsessive, at times, but it makes for a much more consistent design!

Cole Collective has been great to lend us beautiful photos over the years. Be sure to stop by their page and say 'hello,' if you get the chance! We are always happy to show off this talented photographer's work, especially around the holiday season.

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