Featured Photographer: Ashley Noelle Edwards


Featured Photographer: Ashley Noelle Edwards


We are kicking off a new series to highlight some of our favorite photographers and vendors. Ashley Noelle Edwards has supported Bittersweet Design Boutique for some time, and we wanted to return the love! We asked her to give us some insight on her minimal yet graceful, timeless style as well as some fun facts about her beyond the lens.

Q: How do you make sure your photography stays consistent with your brand?

A: I try to always shoot my images (when possible) in the same kind of lighting situations and in the same way (I have 3 basic guidelines for myself, which I teach to others) so the coloring will be consistent. If I want to have a hazy image, dramatic lighting to go black and white, or awesome rainbow sun flare, I make sure to get that in-camera instead of editing it in. Usually, I make very few adjustments to my images in post-production, opting for a clean, genuine style.

I also send each client a welcome package, including magazines I have created using your templates that help them get an idea of what to wear and what to bring to their session so that it's all consistent with my style. I don't take on every single photo session or wedding I'm asked to do. It's really important to me to do work that I'm happy with and can be proud of, and that means staying true to myself in order to continue to attract my ideal clients (which are basically always amazingly kind people with great style).


Q: If you could go back to when you first started your business what would you do differently?

A: Lots. :) I wish I would've created Excel spreadsheets & other organization systems much sooner. I wish I would have started shooting film instead of learning digital first. I would not worry about my logo so much as I should have been worrying about the overly warm tones & horribly overdone eye sharpening & skin smoothing I was doing. Ha!

Q: What's your favorite music to listen to while editing? Favorite Pandora Station or Playlist?

A: It may seem like I'm a freak, but I listen to Christmas music year-round. I love Christmas, but I love the holiday music of Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, The Andrews Sisters, and others of that era because it reminds me of my wonderful grandpa, Dean Pierce who always sings (or whistles) "White Christmas" all year. I'm also a Netflix junkie...full disclosure, I'm watching a Mickey Mouse Christmas movie on Netflix as I answer these questions. I also enjoy watching Downton Abbey and Orange is the New Black.



Q: Any advice for newbie photographers?

A: My best advice for other artists is to ignore advice from other people. Just do what you want and what feels good and true and heartfelt to you. Be your crazy, beautiful self and always be proud of your progress, even if it's slow. There's no timetable to reaching your artistic goals. 

Do your best and don't waste time being ridiculously hard on yourself. Don't be afraid to sell yourself and talk about what makes your services the best. It's not ego, it's appropriate marketing. Remember that everyone begins somewhere and has (and probably still is) worrying about the same stuff you're worrying about. Be wary of anyone that thinks they've got it all figured out. Make friends with other photographers with zero regard to competition. Competition is nonsense. Building a network of friends who get you and can take over your gigs for you if you're in a car accident or something...that's huge. True professionals have nothing bad to say about other professionals.

Q: Which of our products have been most beneficial to you and your brand?

A: Definitely your magazine templates. I love them! I have used them not only for their intended purpose (weddings), but also created a mini session guide for my clients, which has become very popular and has totally streamlined my mini session process. The magazine's layout and minimal style has allowed me to easily add in my images in a way that fits with my brand and looks professional and put together. The text/copy in the templates has been a great starting point for me to re-write and modify in order to suit my business and my clients. It has been a lot of fun to create magazines with your templates and to see them printed and hold them in my hands! They are absolutely beautiful!

Thanks to Ashley Noelle Edwards for the kind words. Stay tuned for more featured photographers and vendors as we embark on a new year!

Thomas and Rose