DIY Kraft Paper Thank You Cards


DIY Kraft Paper Thank You Cards It's Veteran's Day, and I've been thinking a lot about the sacrifices people willingly make so the rest of us can live a better life.

I don't normally think twice about walking down the street to grab a coffee -- often times with dogs in tow and headphones in my ears to shut out unwanted noise. I don't have to constantly look over my shoulder to seek out potential threats, and on most days, my biggest worry is about getting back to my apartment without spilling (too much) coffee all over myself. The idea of waking up to life-threatening views/sounds is something I hope to never experience in this lifetime. For so many Americans, this isn't the case.

It's not much, but I wanted to share a quick token of thanks to all who serve & protect this beautiful country.


Thank you to each of you who sacrifice your time, bodies, and families for everyday freedoms we take for granted all too often. There are so many aspects of war I'll never even begin to understand. If ignorance is bliss, I am gratefully incompetent for my inexperience in the harsh realities others endure.

If you have a few extra paper scraps & envelopes sitting around your office,  here's a quick way of lending a token or two of thanks:

  • Purchase blank kraft paper notecards from your local craft store (these were folding 5" x 7" cards from Michaels that I trimmed down to 4" x 5.5" cards).
  • Add a small graphic or text overlay to a flat or folded piece of kraft paper
  • Round the edges of the cards (I used a 1/4" corner rounder from Crop-A-Dile)
  • If you're feeling really ambitious, create a coordinating return address.

You can use this same idea for holiday cards, personal stationery, etc. Use a monogram at the top to make the cards totally unique (these are great post-wedding thank you notes, too). It just takes a few minutes to tell the people you love how much you appreciate all they do! A small token of thanks goes a long way.


Happy DIY-ing! I hope to post many more simple projects like this soon!