DIY Beer Dinner Menus


My husband recently teamed up with Breckenridge Brewery for a beer dinner at his restaurant, so I jumped all over the menu creation. Initially, I thought I'd create the digital design and send it on its merry little way to the printer, but then I started craving a good hands-on project. The DIY beer dinner menus turned out to be so much cooler than anything I could have sent off to the printer! I knew I wanted something with metal fasteners at the top, and the small quantity of menus needed would quickly turn into an expensive job at the printer. Since there was quite a bit of text to work with, I split up the content on two separate pages, layering the cardstock to give the pieces some dimension.


 photo IMG_1045_zps732896f8.jpg  photo IMG_1050_zps8083b18e.jpg

Here's how I created this look:

Materials needed:

-hammer -corner rounding tool -hole punch -grommets -grommet setter -thick cardstock -paper trimmer or x-acto knife  photo IMG_1058_zpsa8bb6295.jpg

DIY Beer Dinner Menus  photo IMG_1063_zpsdaddefce.jpg  photo IMG_1054_zps84e04954.jpg


1. Create your menus in the program of your choice (I use Adobe Illustrator, but you could easily create something similar in Word, Pages, etc.). 2. Print out your menus. I was able to fit two designs on each sheet of paper, with the top layer of the menus measuring at 5 x 8 and the bottom layers measuring at 5 x 8.5.3. With a paper trimmer or x-acto knife, trim around the edges of your menus.4. Round corners.5. Line the two layers of your menus up and punch holes about 1/3" - 1/2" from the top of the cardstock.6. Place grommets in the punched holes and use a hammer to set the eyelets. Brads are a good alternative, if you don't have access to grommets.7. Enjoy your dinner, and be sure to take plenty of pictures of your fabulous creations!

 photo IMG_1065_zpsccee2da1.jpg  photo IMG_1066_zps1c09e432.jpg  photo IMG_1068_zpsa15622b6.jpg

Everyone loved the souvenirs they got at the end of the dinner. It's the little things that count...  photo IMG_1292_zps033d33a3.jpg  photo IMG_1294_zpsd710077d.jpg  photo IMG_1293_zpsfdb4c64b.jpg  photo IMG_1300_zps9820f20a.jpg  photo IMG_1291_zpsd9f58f1f.jpg