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Featured Vendor: Handsome Woodworking Co As we continue to search for the latest out of the box (or should we say, 'inside the box?') ideas for your photography packaging, Handsome Woodworking Company's beautiful work graced our Instagram account. Of course, we had to share these beautifully crafted album boxes with all of you!

Brandon Scott from Wanderlust Photo Co is the creative artisan behind these unique boxes. Based in Monterey California, Brandon established himself as a successful wedding photographer and has been capturing love stories since 2010. He has been gracious enough to allow us to feature his woodworking skills. Here's what he had to say:



Q: What made you decide to take up woodworking?

A: Woodworking became a natural extension of my love for Legos when I was a kid. Legos offered me the freedom to create whatever I dreamt of and create worlds that were uniquely my own. Building things out of wood offers me that same feeling, except the difference now is when I can’t find a certain part in the sea of plastic pieces, I can just make it!

Q: What sparked the wooden box idea?

A: I began making book boxes for my wedding photography clients. Couples often buy books after their wedding, and early on in the process I felt weird packaging these beautiful books in a boring cardboard box, so I started making wood boxes to send them in. At some point, I realized people might actually want to buy these for their own clients, so I started selling them to photographers. After other folks started asking for them too, eventually it just made sense to make a store front online and sell them through there. It all started pretty synergistically. 



Q: What inspirational blogs do you follow?

A: The main source of creative inspiration is VSCO’s Journal. They’ve always been so forward-thinking when it comes to content they push. Their aesthetic really resonates with me and always has. I also seek inspiration from Kinfolk and it’s ilk. I love online blogs, but there’s still something fantastically tactile about flipping pages of a well-crafted magazine. 

Q: How do you find balance in your work and personal life?

A: We also live and work in the small amount of space of 675 sq ft.

Right now, my workspace occupies the bigger of two bedrooms in my apartment. It’s not ideal, but there really isn’t any other option. It’s outfitted with a fantastic dust collection system, so there’s really no issue with sawdust. In fact, with the air filtration system installed in the space, I think the air in the workshop is probably cleaner than the air in the rest of the apartment. 

I’m currently looking to downsize my apartment and hopefully find a small industrial space to move everything over to. Right now the work-life balance is achieved by closing the door to that room, but to be totally honest, the door doesn’t get closed that often. I really love what I do, so much so that I’d still do it even if I wasn’t being paid for it. At a certain point, work and life just blur together into one big ball of happiness. It’s not the healthiest or most sustainable way of life, but it’s the season of life I’m in. That being said, my wife and I travel pretty often as a means to recharge and restore our creativity (she’s an actress down in Hollywood, so it’s important for her to take a break every now and then too). It’s something we vowed to do from the beginning. We usually budget a few weeks at the end of wedding season to give our passports a workout.

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