Click Magazine Feature


The ladies at Clickin Moms have taken their business to the next level with the addition of Click Magazine, a bi-monthly publication that delivers resources and inspiration directly to modern photographers' doors. Excuse me...photograp'her!' Sorry, guys. This magazine is for the girls. When my first issue came in the mail, I was left wondering why I hadn't subscribed to this magazine in the past! While I'm not a photographer, the beautiful images and tips are enough to keep a gal drooling over its pages.

Click was sweet enough to contact me for some advice on packaging, which you can see featured below.


click magazine feature - packaging inspiration from bittersweet design

cover of click magazine holiday 2013 issue click magazine packaging featurefeatured article in click magazinebittersweet design boutique in click magazineClick Magazine feature

More about Click (source):

"Welcome to Click, a photography magazine from the women who brought you Clickin Moms. With Click, we hope to create an experience of unparalleled richness: the tactile sensation of fine paper, the beauty of printed images, and the excuse to slip away to a park bench, a coffeehouse, or a cozy chair in the evening to indulge in the knowledge, experiences, products, and artistry curated by photographers for photographers."