Business Cards for the New Year


Business Cards for the New Year Hello, all! I'm Thomas, the newest addition to the Bittersweet team.

When coming to Bittersweet from my past walk of life (GM of a corporate restaurant), many people asked what I would be doing for my wife’s business that I have seen her pour her heart and soul into. First I thought marketing, social media, staying current on technology and how to integrate it.

All that I need to do is stay actively engaging in the community of followers and they will engage back and like us and in the end buy more products. This sounds simple enough when you are in room walking around asking if everyone is ok and if they need anything or if I can explain how something is made and tastes, those customers are in front of me and I can read their reactions and engagement can be tailored to the situation.

In this age of the internet, we get brief moments in our day to engage and the reach is sometimes buried in the spam and other news and videos we decide to watch of a cat messing with a dog on youtube that someone shared. Our time is more valuable and the content is at our fingertips to decide if we want to engage it or dismiss it. It is harder to be heard when algorithms decide your content and reach of your followers that you have gained by word of mouth or paid.


At first I was a bit concerned about my schedule of tasks, was I going to be able to complete tasks in a timely manner with little experience in certain areas. When I asked Rose, what my main role was, she said, “whatever you make it be, it’s your own role.” That didn’t sit well either coming from someone that has had a checklist, career path objective, targets and goals to achieve through planning ahead. I had to find a voice and a reason to be here. I needed a way for me to connect with the community that has supported her and her business and I need to understand them as well.

After researching many different social media forums(social media examiner is my favorite) and sites as well as looking at many photographer’s websites and blogs that Rose and many people follow it starts to become clear that consistent creative content that is engaging wins connected loyal fans and gets people to want more. This is where the connections start to matter most, where like minded connected individuals share their life’s experiences, their struggles, and the things that make them feel good about what they do.

Another thing I noticed as I was looking at the hundreds of websites was that there was no voice or way to be connected to these photographers aside from a Facebook account and maybe a Twitter account they had set up in 2013 and haven’t tweeted since. If they had other social media accounts they weren’t connected to their page. You would have to find them through those platforms to be connected.

So it is becoming more clear to me that my role is to not only create a consistent voice with Bittersweet Design Boutique but to get all of its followers in sync with one another to create a consistent voice of sharing the things that matter to us in business and in life. I am not just a part of the this team, but a part of the community that supports us.

I hope that you enjoy our products and that they help you attract the right clients.We had our business cards edge painted and letterpressed at The Mandate Press. They are also a template in the Etsy Shop that is fully customizable. We are really excited to share them with you.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!