Boutique Packaging for Wedding Photographers

Boutique photographer branding and packaging.

Boutique Packaging for Wedding Photographers

It's no secret that Forever Photography is one of our all-time favorite photographers, which makes it that much more exciting to share their packaging with you today!

I met Jona and Jerry over six years ago through Craigslist, of all places. They were in need of a second shooter, and I was a lost little pup who had just taken out a personal loan for a failing design company. I didn't know the first thing there was to know about photography, but for some reason or another, these two took me in anyway.

Boutique photographer packaging ideas.

Boutique photographer packaging ideas.

After the design firm I worked at did a big belly flop, I spent the next few months designing wedding albums + redoing Forever Photography's branding. With the continuous support of my newfound friends, other local photographers started contacting me about design services, and Bittersweet was born.

Stepping it Up a Notch

As Forever Photography perfected their unique style and found themselves photographing weddings all over the world, their branding was no longer consistent with their work. It was time for a complete overhaul. This time, we needed to create a brand, not just a logo. To be quite honest, I didn't initially know the difference between the two. While a logo is important to have, the materials used as a vehicle to display and deliver your work are equally as important. Without these materials, even the strongest logo can fall short.

All of our photography templates are designed to evoke the feeling. Photographers can create beautiful marketing materials that don't interfere with their work. The funny thing about design is that, usually, the best creations are the simplest creations. This is no easy feat, as we're constantly encouraged to do more. To consume more. To travel more. More more more.

When we allow ourselves to do a little less, the quality of our work carries much more weight than the quantity.

Materials & vendors used in this project:

This packaging series was designed as a way to share this message - the inspiration...the feeling that accompanies design work that's simple and beautiful. I hope that feeling creeps in as you read through this post!

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