Boudoir Photography Marketing Templates

Marketing Templates for Boudoir Photographers

Our first boudoir photography marketing templates just launched, and we couldn't be more excited! Several people reached out to us recently to request a design collection specific to boudoir photographers, and like they say - ask, and you shall receive! The template shop was long overdue for a new set of marketing materials, so this gave us a good excuse to create new eye candy that’s true to our minimal style.

The Aspen design collection is elegant, classic, and ethereal, giving your images the spotlight as you draw viewers in. We wanted to create a new set of pricing guides & social media templates that can be used by a variety of industries so you can get the most bang for their buck. These marketing materials are perfect for both portrait and wedding photographers, among other creative professionals. The soft design elements are soft, yet memorable and easy-to-read. While the wording is currently curated for portraits, it just takes a few clicks to plug in your own custom wedding packages and other collections.

This set has already received incredible feedback, so thank you to all of you who have shown your support! We’ve noticed a lot of the same questions popping up regarding the designs and thought it would be fun to include a Q & A so you know exactly what to expect with our templates.

Q: Can I use these templates for my calligraphy / wedding planner / design business?

A: YES! No two photographers or creatives will have the same products or services, so you’ll need to update at least some of the text regardless of whether or not you are a boudoir photographer or a wedding planner. We do our best to provide content that is versatile, yet completely editable so you can make as many or as few updates as needed.

Q: What software do I need in order to use the files?

A: All of our templates are customizable in Adobe Photoshop CC, so you’ll need access to this program in order to make updates. If you don’t currently have this program but would like to test it out, you can download a free Photoshop trial here.

Q: Do the images come with the designs?

A. No. Sorry, friends. We are fortunate to have really talented photographers who have allowed us to feature their work in our designs, but the images shown are for display purposes only. The idea is for you to show off YOUR work + talents, so it might be confusing if a potential client saw someone else’s images and assumed that you were the person behind the work. Trust me…I’ve been there and done that, and it’s not a good place to be for either party!

Q: Can I use the social media templates on Facebook and Pinterest as well as Instagram?

A: For sure! Our social media pack comes with three different design sizes, which makes it great for all three platforms. You are more than welcome to use the designs over and over again with whatever platform you’d like. It is really easy to turn a Facebook cover design into a blog header or website banner, for example. Our Instagram Stories templates are sized for IG Stories, but they can easily double as Pinterest graphics as well.


Q: Can I add pages to something like a pricing sheet to create a multi-page design?

A: Yep! Each file comes as an individual PSD that can be used as many times as you’d like. If there are any areas or sections you don’t need, simply hide or delete them in Photoshop. You can also rearrange any of the image areas, text boxes, and design elements.

Q: I have a custom logo. Is there a way to include this on the design files?

A: You sure can! Drag and drop your logo onto any of the files for a seamless and completely custom look. Use the shortcut ‘Command + T’ to resize any of the elements, as needed.

More About Our Aspen Marketing Templates:

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