Amanda Dorian Photography: Branded!

Photography Branding

I've been wanting to post about Amanda Dorian Photography for quite some time now. Amanda came to me quite some time ago in search of a logo for her photography business, and little did I know that one of my favorite photography branding projects was about to be conceived.

The custom illustrations we created for Amanda show stitching throughout the designs. This was one of the many ways we wanted to show off Amanda's talents.


brandingShe is so much more than a photographer, embracing DIY projects like a pro and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. She is creative and honest, both qualities that every bride would appreciate in a wedding photographer. camera-logo card-templates

And of course, my logo pillow went to good use on the cute sofa (found at World Market).



After we created a logo, stamp, and watermark, among other marketing materials, Amanda took her branding to the next level. I'm blown away by her attention to detail, which also comes across in her photos and personal projects. Here are just a few of the ways that this lovely lady shows off her brand:

"I ordered a lovely cotton voile fabric with the amazing pattern you designed. I'll be using it a few ways including wrapping my albums in instead of tissue paper.

The cookies are heart shaped ginger snaps that I frosted with green sparkly frosting and laid out sprinkles to imitate part of my logo.

custom-fabric dvd-templates heart-fabric

Yep, as much as I'd like to, I can't take credit for half of the projects shown in this post. Did I mention that Amanda sewed that pillow by hand? Pretty amazing, huh? Amanda--thank you for reminding me that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. I am so inspired by you!

*All images copyright Amanda Dorian Photography .

logo photographer-tradeshow watermark