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Featured Photographer: Ali Brown Photography

Last month, we started a small business meetup for local photographers + creative entrepreneurs. Ali Brown was one of the first people to RSVP for our event, and we could tell right away how much enthusiasm this girl has for her job and life in general! Ali is the epitome of sunshine disguised as a human. She lights up every room she enters with her big smile and has the ability to make everyone around her comfortable.

Ali specializes in styled photo sessions for high school seniors and also has a natural talent for videography. After getting a glimpse of her work, we knew she'd be the perfect fit for a personal project we had in mind. We exchanged a few ideas over coffee, and within a few days, Ali was standing in our apartment to capturing footage of our home life. She went above and beyond, taking extra time to get shots of our dogs being their crazy little selves and lending her expertise when it came to keeping the poses natural.

She also had the suggestion to make our Cambria magazine template into a mini brochure and was sweet enough to share pictures of the final, printed piece. photographer magazine templateHere's a little more about Ali and her work:

My name is Ali Brown, and I hail from Atlanta, GA. Born and raised a GA peach, by the time I was 19, I left home and became a gypsy of sorts. Moving back and forth from GA to OK...several times.... It was an interesting year. ;) I married my high school sweetheart shortly after my 20th birthday and joined him up in Montana where he was stationed while serving in the Air Force. We lived in beautiful, Big Sky country for 8 years before moving to San Antonio 5 years ago. I had a successful senior portrait business in Montana and faced a major identity crises when I moved to Texas, left it all behind and lost all that I had worked so hard for.  I felt lost as a person when I moved here because my identity was wrapped up in what I DID and not in WHO I WAS.
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When we go through difficult situations in our lives, we often can't see it in the midst, but those are the times that forge us into stronger people. I am a person of faith, so I felt that I needed to take a break from photography for awhile and just rest and re-learn who I was as a person...who God created me to be. I finally realized the valuable lesson that my life, love, and joy offered to others was worth more than my occupation. I am so thankful for that time of quiet in my career. I see it as a gift now. I have been able to really dig deep into who I am and that has been SO GOOD for my brand. I picked up the photography business again a couple years ago and just recently in the last few months have I been intentional about getting my brand out in the open, networking and learning the new crazy world of social media marketing. I am super excited about what the future holds. I am excited to meet my future clients...people who hold their own unique beauty and value. I look forward to encouraging them to slow down to see. To see into themselves and to be confident in who they are and the gift they have to offer others.
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1. What is your favorite inspirational blog?  

If it doesn't have to be photography related, then the blog that I always go back to for personal inspiration is A Holy Experience written by Ann Voskamp. Her Book, "One Thousand Gifts" changed my life! For photography related inspiration, I am so thrilled to be able to say that one of the folks that inspires me with their images, is my dear friend Caroline Madsen in Great Falls, MT. I had the great honor of working with her in her beginning stages of her photography career and now she has grown and blossomed into a photographer that has truly blown me away with all her gorgeous images. She pays attention to detail, is intentional about each shot and she is just a fun person to hang around with. I love her and love her stuff!

Q:What do you listen to while editing your sessions?

A:I have a playlist for editing that includes Josh Garrels, KyeKye, Leagues, Bethel Music, Arrow and Sound, Future of Forestry and Paper Route.
One of my FAVE songs right now is 'At the Table' from Josh Garrels new album "Home."
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Q: What is one goal that you have to achieve this year?

A: Most of my goals are business-related. This year, I hope to solidify my brand and create a seamless look between website copy, marketing materials, and packaging. I would like to gain a better knowledge and execution of social media networking to my specific market. I want to be strategic in reaching my perfect client. I want to have my workflow streamlined and better organized. My goal is to be established in at least one of the high schools that I am marketing to by the end of the year.
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We want to thank Ali Brown for sharing her story. We all go through life changes that force us to reevaluate ourselves on both personal and professional levels.
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