A Time for Transformation: Textile Design


Textile Designs & Pattern Creations

The last four years have been all about making new discoveries - about business, others around me, and about myself. It has taken a long time for me to really feel comfortable in my own design skin, as on most days, I feel like a chameleon that changes with each new surrounding. I change my mind on a daily basis about what products to offer and dream about living in a different city each week.

As my business has taken shape, so has my vision. It is becoming more and more clear that I want my work to reach a larger audience. I want to show the world how less is truly more and prove that you can make something out of nothing. There is something really beautiful about raw, unpretentious design.

I'm taking a step back from the computer to do more of the thing that got me here in the first place: illustration. These illustrations will be used in a series of patterns that will hopefully make their way into the textile industry. I wrote down a list of companies that I dream about having collaborations with, and I plan on contacting each one individually in the next few months. It's a risky plan that my bank account is a little skeptical about, but I am trusting that great opportunities are just around the corner.

Here are the first two series of textile design patterns.

Wish me luck!

textile design

textile design

floral pattern design textile design pattern design photo textile design textile design photo bedding_designer_zps86779032.png rose lindo pattern design photo fabric_designer textile design

seamless floral design photo illustration textile design

luxe pattern design photo repeating_pattern textile design

wheat pattern photo seamless_patterns textile design

neutral pattern photo pattern_licensing textile design

bird pattern photo patterns_for_textiles textile design

high-end patterns photo rose_lindo textile design

textile design photo surface_designer textile design

design for the textile industry photo textile_design hand-drawn patterns photo textile_designs_zpscdb8e2ce.png  photo triangle_pattern_zpse1f073d6.png
pattern design photo textile_design_3_zps0f887dc3.png

olive and pink photo surface_design_zps16a76edb.png

line pattern photo seamless_patterns_3_zps72bcebfb.png triangle pattern photo seamless_patterns_2_zps02729fa2.png masculine patterns photo pattern_design_2_zps78efb96f.png

geometric patterns photo hand_drawn_zpsf6be326b.png

graphic pattern photo navy_and_pink_zpsdf7576a7.png rose lindo photo issuu_magazine_zpsec850087.png

seamless pattern photo color_palette_zps00585042.png triangular pattern photo geometric_patterns_zpsb96c13e0.png