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New Client Packaging Ideas for Photographers

As a self-proclaimed minimalist, there aren’t a lot of tangible goods that take up permanent residence in our home, but this custom collection is something I’d hold onto forever.

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Gold Glass Photo Boxes

These beautiful gold photo boxes make the perfect client gifts, especially with the holidays right around the corner. Investing in a small token of thanks goes a long way in the photography industry, especially when it comes to repeat clients and getting referrals from existing clients. Photographer boutique packaging ideas. 

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New Client Welcome Packages - Teak & Twine

We have been waiting to share these amazing products with all of you. They are bound to be a big hit! Now that Teak & Twine has officially launched, we can happily rave about this great resource for new client welcome packages.

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Photographer Packaging Ideas: Valentine's Day
Boutique Packaging for Wedding Photographers